Sunday, July 6, 2008

I play cricket

I get up this morning with the familiar body ache, and the yoga mat looks too boring for words. Being a Sunday, the boys get up late, cranky and demanding.

'All right guys, we are going out for breakfast, and then we are going to play cricket!' I announce, just as the OA is about to switch on his comp.

'Yippeee!' yells the kid.

After the idli-dosa-coffee routine, we head for the park.

'You guys play. I will sit on the bench.' I sit cross legged, breathing deep the grass fresh air.

In less than five minutes, I am on my feet, running to catch the ball. And I am playing cricket! For the first time in my life!

'Ai, you are supposed to get the ball, ok?' Pavan instructs me, when I make him run out of the park to get the ball.

'Yes, sir!'

I stand nervously facing the ball, holding the half sized bat.

'Thats a wide ball! You have made a run!' Cool. Cricket ain't so very hard. You make runs by default.

'Mango, run!' Says Prayas, when I hit the ball, walking slowly to pick up the ball. And I am scoring runs!

'Papa, this is cheating!'

'Get lost. We make the rules as we play.'

I make ten runs, Papa nine, and the kid is out at six! Is this beginners luck or what.
My body ache is gone, and I have won my first cricket match!


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Banno said...

Hip, hip, hooray!

Princess said...

definately tune cheating kiya hoga..... kidding..these are all fun of life ..i guess :)