Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The mountain out the window

The mountain that lives most of the time in my heart-mind-dreams, is now outside the window. Then what am I doing indoors?

I shall go out and repeat my mantra.

'Look at the mountain, Look at the mountain, Look at the maaunton!'


JOY said...

look at the sky
look at the mountain
one has the door to the infinity
one has the path to the infinity
it is the one who has to walk to the path,
breathe in and feel the life,
feel the life live the life,
the truth is the one,
one life , one path,
calls the mountain, come and get close to the sky, on the path of infinity

Banno said...

I knew you were at the mountain. Met R at Crossword yesterday. So happy looking. Lovely picture. Your handiwork, or the little guy's?

Grasshopper said...

This painting is done by an old friend in Tiru called Harriet. She is from England, she has built a house near the Mountain, and just delivered a baby at home!