Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Homeopath with a laughing pill.

I found this homeopathic doc, because he visited this post, and he found me. We have been exchanging mails since a couple of months, mostly about the fascinating concepts of homeopathy.

I have no idea if he is good looking, or even if he is a real doctor. You know, it is so easy to pretend online, all you need to answer a question is to Google it.

But this fellow, I am sorry, this doc, does seem to have a personality, and, finally I started to confide in him my woes, and he started to prescribe medicines.

Here is a sample from the correspondence:

Me: can u explain to me, why, in homeopathy, docs ask us to give up tea, coffee. And they hardly ever ask a woman to give up smoking, drinking, eating spicy food, etc, etc,....

Him : in homeopathy docs ask to give up tea , coffee as they are taught that they may antidote the medicine. but often the medicine is not antidoted that is a reality
and in context to smoking drinking spicy food etc has to be corrected if the patient is having gastritis, bronchitis etc.
in my way of working i ask my patient to correct the food habits if needed after two weeks of medicine. because if on the first day itself the patient is put with all the restrictions [ patient runs away , hahahahah ]


Banno said...

Are his medicines working, though?

The Crack Emcee said...

Dear Grasshopper,

He's asking you to change your eating habits because that's one step in cult indoctrination: once they can change your behavior, then they control you.

Why would you trust a homeopath anyway? Think about it: he dilutes stuff and then claims it's stronger - does that make sense to you? Here, do an experiment:

1) Pour a little Coke into a glass.

2) Then fill the glass with water.

3) If you then have stronger Coke in the glass, your new "friend" isn't some assh*le cultist trying to take advantage of you - he's a wizard who has changed everything we know about the known world. But, if you don't have stronger Coke, then he's a lying cultist and you're not as stupid and gullible as Banno, expecting the impossible to be "working."

Go to my site for more information on such nonsense:

I may not be nice but, at least, I'm honest.

Good luck,


Grasshopper said...

Dear crack,

To begin with, he is NOT asking me to change my eating habits.

Secondly, I don't need to dilute coke to check if homeopathy works, I know from experience that it does.

Third, kindly use decent language while referring to people you do not know.The only way you can do this is by cultivating some self-respect. Self respect gives rise to humility which makes space for the other to exist.

Grasshopper said...


Yes, the online doctor's medicine is working. In homeopathy, I have noticed that you have to hunt for the right doctor, or have some patience, because only the correct remedy works. Which is why these doctors ask so many questions, and think before prescribing a medicine.