Friday, July 4, 2008

I cook

Ever since the family reunited, I have been after the OA to buy me a big pressure cooker.
The one which will make dal, rice, and potatoes in one go. Yes, I said potatoes. Nutrition be dammed. After all, I have to reorganize my life to suit the needs of a mouse potato.

The OA just now read my post and asked me what's an OA?
Other Adult, I said.
'So write that', he said, 'tell people what it means.'

He might not be familiar with bloggers lingo, but he has given me a good option for a cooker. Any of you, mommas, cooks, chefs, if anyone has tried this cooker, please let me know.

Its called EcoCooker, this is the link.

Its supposed to save fuel, save effort, and improves taste.

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