Friday, July 4, 2008

I walk

Near the tree where the Buddha got his bulb lit, I am sorry, around the Peepul tree where the Tathaagataa got enlightened, are a pretty set of seven stones. Buddha must have been a tall man to have been able to long jump on these stones, for they are, I have heard, not seen, quite far apart.

What we learnt at Vipassana Meditation Center, was basically a sitting effort. 'Adhisthan', the firm resolve to sit in one position, not open an eye, nor move a leg. If pain happens, watch the pain! I have no doubts of the efficacy in disciplining the mind in this method, but discipline is not my favorite word.

I remember reading Osho's take on how the Buddha walked on these seven stones to and fro, how he swam in the river, how he relished that bowl of kheer (milk pudding) that Sujata brought for him (bless her), and then sat on the kusha grass brought by the boy (bless him too), on that auspicious full moon night.

So why not walk instead of sit? Or rather, walk and then sit. Or better, walk and gaze, at the Mountain. I am talking of Pradakshina, a sixteen kilometer walk around the holy Arunachala, a spiritual practice highly recommended by Ramana Maharishi.

I came across this while searching for walking pilgrimages. How To Meditate While Walking.

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