Thursday, September 18, 2008


After seeing Khoya Khoya Chand, we were returning home. Myself and the kid. A beautiful film, but  I was kind of feeling guilty that I showed him an adult movie, so I thought I better talk to him about it. 
Right. Where do I start?
'Which movie did we see, Pavan?' I asked him.
'Ghuma ghuma chand.' he answered. 

Here is the namesake song, again, an old favorite. I love the way Dev Anand walks, without moving his arms, like he is stupidly blissed out.

Sometimes I wonder what we have imbibed from Cinema, specially the black and white oldies, which we watched when we were kids. 

I remember seeing a long boring neverending film called Kora kagaz. And I remember seeing a delightful, wonderful film called Junglee. 

But a hazy memory is a film I do not remember the name of, which has probably done me in. 
Was it Nargis and Sunil Dutt? Nargis was a sadhavi , she walked from town to town, sitting in temples and singing bhajans. Sunil Dutt falls in love with her and she falters in her path.

I was something below five years when I saw this film. Somewhere after the interval, in the dark theatre, I made a loud comment. 'Ai, why dont these two hug? ' I guess I was too young to tolerate the tension.

Sadly, for me, they did not hug, and Nargis walked away in the last long shot, holding her Veena on one shoulder, her feet bare, her white saree blowing in the wind. While Sunil Dutt, teary eyed, helplessly looked on...

When I started writing this post, I was planning to pose the question: If anyone has seen this film, please tell me the name.

But there is something magical about writing. It has pulled out, by a thread, the name of this film: Jogan.

What to do. Mere cineme maa hai.


Smita said...

lol @ Ghooma-2!!!!

I simply love this song and I love Dev Anand :)

Irene said...

As I read your post, I guessed the name too... even though I haven't seen the film... the images suggested the name!

meenal said...

wah wah kya baat hai. mere 'see'ne main bhi cinema hai!