Thursday, September 25, 2008

Parantha batter for sale!

Since my fantastik business idea got vetoed by my ungrateful hubby (he loves my paranthas), I am putting it up here, sacrificing my own interest for the common good.

How long does a peice of bread last? Three days? Four? And is it even accepted as a health food? Not by the naturalists, nor the yogis. Certainly not by Ramdev baba.

And this idli dosa mixture, how long can you keep it in the fridge? And you cant even use it when it is cold, it has to be thawed. Which means it cant be used early in the morning when you make the dabbaa.

So, for night birds like us who cant sleep without blogging, it makes sense to pre-prepare something that can go on a hot tawaa and be ready in five minutes.

Its called Methi or Palak ka Parantha batter. Needs no preservatives, accept the fridge.

Here's the recipie: 

Wash and chop Spinach or fenugreek (or both ) leaves into very small pieces.
Grate an onion and a few pods of garlic. (Optional)
Cut a couple of green chillies in very small pieces. (Optional)
Add one spoon of Ajwain.
One spoon of black til (seasame seeds).
One spoon salt.
One spoon oil. (Optional)

Knead the dough into this mixture, use the new seven grains Pillsbury atta if you are bored with mere wheat atta. Use less water than you would normally use, because the green leaves have their own water which makes the dough sticky later on.

Keep in an airtight container, in the fridge. Will last for five days, minimum.

And I suppose you know how to roll out the paranthas and heat them? If you want me to post how to make traditional (grandmother's) triangular paranthas, you must ask. I shall do a photo blog.

Oh, I forgot to add the number of calories : Lots.


Banno said...

Nice. This seems to be the right combination of spices for a methi paratha. No, I don't know how to roll parathas. Honest. My Tai does a version of parathas which is two rotis stuck together with stuffing inside, and it's yuck. So do do a post with Photoos. Please.

JOY said...

one very good gujju snack i know of is
mix makki ka aata bajari ka aata with curd add spices as per your taste
and deep fry.
it tastes very good with tea

Smita said...

I have something for you :-)

Do drop in at

And am trying this recipe soon :)