Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drowning hope

I don't have a TV. I hardly ever read the newspaper.

No one calls me from Bihar.

But somewhere inside, an awareness is streaming.

During all my waking hours.

I sneeze. The body aches. I look at the sky. It rains.

I sit on the net. I browse. I weep.

The only other time I got this depressed was during the Gujarat riots.

But I don't fight it.

It is ok to be sad, when so many homes have drowned in water.


Irene said...

The magnitude of the devastation... I guess we can only try to guess it... and feel a tiny bit of the pain.

JOY said...

ya but the pain which gives us tears
says one thing more
we can always pray.
it is the same heart which can drive the tears from the eyes,
it is the same heart which can make the prayer powerful.

Grasshopper said...

Is there a prayer more powerful than tears itself?
Is God so far that we have to call him by name?

JOY said...

ya prayer is more powerful than tears.
as tears are the reaction to our self , which we give out as the reaction to what we sense.
prayer is the reaction sent to the universe by our heart with what what we feel and this is the power of human being.and always and always prayers bring about the balance in the universe.

God is not far , he is very near to us, as it is purely the matter of thinking we may keep him far or we may find him near to us. And to call him we donot need words but we need to give him a call with inner voice.
And that inner voice is the internal reaction which we feel.

JOY said...

one good shloka from BHAGAVAD GITA

Yo mam pashyati sarvatra,
sarvatra mayi pashyati cha.

this means that human beings who look me everywhere , i am constantly looking at him.

JOY said...

a prayer powerful than tear =

when the prayer is done with full faith with the feeling that lord has already started helping the fellow human beings and prayers to lord almighty that all fellow human beings are filled love and affection for each other.

Saurabh said...

Pray For What
We Are Human, lost in if n But
Everyone Knowz the taste of tear
But sound of my tear who wanna hear
One's Pain is Just for him
Sympathy, empathy but who wanna trim
We know the magnitude, We know the pain
But Dont wanna feel it as feeling it is no gain
For a Moment We feel pity for the One's sorrow
Oh! forget it as I have to make my tomorrow
If got stuck to One's rupture
I will lost my today n future
And so I, seriously, with all fun and gay
For all the victims Just Pray and Pray....
Get up Guys, We are human beings not animals.

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Grasshopper said...

"always prayers bring about the balance in the universe. "

I beg to disagree, Joy. Balance is intrinsic to the universe. In fact, the universe hangs on this thread called Balance. No prayer, however strong, can 'bring about balance'.
We don't have any individual free will.
Prayers are sometimes answered, sometimes not. If it is part of God's will, prayer happens,and if it is part of God's plan, prayers are answered.
If our dear earth is to be destroyed as a part of the universal balance, it shall happen, no human can stop it.
A spiritual seeker is one who can accept truth, not interpret it according to his liking.

JOY said...

dear grasshopper
it is a lovely feeling of feeling surrendered and accepting the life as the plan of universe. But reality has one more side. That is the fact that we have mind. Who is god? And where is God?
God is the one who is there in each of us but covered with our own shell.
And where is he, he is into each particle of being and nonbeing or we can say living and nonliving.
Who has the power to exert or bring the change who is living or the one who has the capacity of being.
i do not interpret the truth as my likes. but i try to see the reality behind the truth and i always find it is the truth which metamorphoses, or rather my sense of being expands or my level of sensation expands. And capacity to sense and react that is the power of human being.
A human being can become GOD like but GOD can come in the form of human being. And this is the story which we find repeated many times in our Indian history.

Grasshopper said...

This is getting very interesting.
Mind, you said? Did you mean brain? Or did you mean soul?
Whatever you meant, I have only one question for your mind: Does it manufacture its own thoughts?

JOY said...

answer of my mind

it does not manufacture the thoughts.

Grasshopper said...

There is a scientific study on this thought business. It seems that a thought comes to the brain, it registers the thought, and a few micro-seconds later, recognizes the thought. As it recognizes the thought, it also claims ownership of it, 'this is my thought.' After that, the pre-programmed brain reacts to the thought, programmed by genes and conditioning, and action happens. So, whose mind is it, and whose actions?
Btw, this is self-inquiry method as taught by Ramana Maharishi and interpreted by Ramesh Balsekar, my guru in mumbai.

JOY said...

the mind is a processor. when thoughts come to mind it interprets them. now to register the thought as ours or from enviornment it depends on the growth of human being. In the spiritual language there is a word used called as shruti.

the mind is a possession of our body. and we use it to the moment we have our life. once the life is over the capacity of creation with the help of mind is over.

Grasshopper said...

You said 'we use our minds.'
So are there two minds?

JOY said...

no there are not two minds. Mind is one. If we wish to make understnanding little easier we can create a trio
And the trio is MIND, ME , SPIRIT.
And the thing which has the capacity of transformation is ME.The other two things MIND and SPIRIT are elements of nature. But in our human life we have the option of regulating Mind. And the process of learning is to learn to let the mind be regulated by the spirit.