Sunday, September 14, 2008

When bombs blast in city after city,

its obvous that there are a lot of angry citizens walking around. I am talking about the terrorists. I agree that they deserve to be punished, but isnt it more important to deal with the issue on a heart level? Shouldnt we look into their anguish? Why is no one trying to negotiate with their demands?
At least, start a conversation?

Here is an interesting article by Ram Punyani. He makes my question look naive. 


Irene said...

I don't think you can really have a conversation with nameless faceless cowards who kill indiscriminately, heartlessly... But yes, investigations cannot and shouldn't begin with biases.

Grasshopper said...

They do have a name, Indian Mujahudeen, they call themselves, they can be talked to through the media, and if you think they kill indiscriminately, heartlessly, then that is what is going to reflect on all of us.
We call them cowards, but do we have the courage to face them? I don't. I will run for my life. Which is why I am raising this question on a blog, why cant we talk to them? Ask them what the hell they want and maybe they have a right to want it, so we give it to them.
Tighter security, more money going towards the police , all these are not going to help in a country as densely populated as ours. We need a Gandhian, organic approach. Hate the cruelty, not the killer. Because there are too many of them.