Monday, January 19, 2009

the first lady

My internet addiction is gonna increase, looks like. For I got a mail sweet mail in my inbox today.

A long lost friend, someone with a hilarious sense of humor, wrote to me to say she has bought my book in a shop in New Delhi.

"when i entered my favorite bookshop this afternoon - guess what i saw right in front of me!!!
needless to say, i bought a copy and hope to finish it by this weekend... am working on a proposal for the next 3 days... leave for kolkata on the 22nd and hope to read it on the train."

She must have been the first to buy my book. And I find it sooo romantic that she is going to read it on a train to Cal, for my protagonist, the original grasshopper, spends a lot of her time in trains, to and from Kolkatta.

By the way, the novel, 'A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage' will be out in most bookshops by 21st Jan. Read the book now and come prepared with the rotten eggs or the flowers during the multi-city launch that I am planning in March.


Smita said...

Am sure it will be lovely flowers for the lovely lady :)

Banno said...

Does it really happen that way? First sales, and then launch. Anyway, I'm off looking today at Crossword. If not first, let me be one of the first.

Grasshopper said...

Thanks, Smita.

Banno, It seems so. In fact, the manager at Crosswords in Bangalore told me let some reviews appear in the papers, then we can launch. Raju has talked to the Crosswords manager in Mumbai and gotten me a multi-city launch deal!
I am giving myself a month to get some reviews, star for the launch, etc. Any suggestions, do tell.