Friday, January 23, 2009

Grasshoppers can Vote

Should Sanjay Dutt join politics? But he was a criminal! He possessed AK 47 Guns! He was into drugs! But look at both his parents. Such cute, noble souls. Something must have come through, no?

He is a good actor, no doubt. He was so convincing as a Gandhian in Munnabhai, something must have gone through, no?And, while he was on tenterhooks for so many years, waiting for the case against him to be cleared, he did create a lot of goodwill, for the box-office, for his spot boys and co-actors, for a lady called Manyata...

And, yes, I have had a minor, small, itsy, bitsy crush on him long long back.

So will I vote for him? Of-course not. Politicians don't need sex appeal, they need to be politically correct.

What makes me so sure Sanjay is politically wrong? Because for someone who has had such a bad luck with image, will go extreme ways to prove otherwise. His motive to look good will override the do good, which often clash.

So, if not Sanjay, who else is there?

For the first time in my life, such thoughts are racing in my head.

All, thanks to Mad Momma for giving this link where I have gone and registered myself a voter. It is so simple, can be done online!

This site categorically says that grasshoppers can vote too. You don't have to be a turtle and stay in the same city year after year to be able to vote.

Now my only hope is I don't shift out of Bangalore city before the elections.


Sri said...

Inheritance Anarchy is a pain in Mother India's a**!

Grasshopper said...

ha ha ha