Friday, January 2, 2009

Jumbo is a hit.

So you don't watch cartoon fillums?

But you must watch Jumbo. It is compulsory. Understand, there is no option.

Jumbo is not a cartoon fillum. It is an art fillum. Rather, it is very highly artistic fillum.

Isme action hai, emotion hai, drama hai!

There is Haathi mera Saathi, a sad story of a baby blue elephant, where papa is missing. Mama with eyelashes is there. She tickles Jumbo till he goes lotepote, and tells him to forget Papa! Papa gone. I here. We here. But Jumbo, he leaves a sleeping Mama to find Papa.

Nice story, no? Meaning, story is there. Something is happening.

Best are the dialogues, and better is the dialogue delivery!

There is comedian, a kabutar, who sounds like apna regular what's his name yaar? he is very regular, you will start laughing on his voice only, no need to understand meaning. And if you dont laugh, how will the brat ever understand a joke?

Jumbo is blue and Sonia? She is pink.

And the vilian? Is Insaan, and he is pronounced like Shaitaan! I told you the dialogue delivery is super, didn't I?

But all Insaans are not Shaitaan, as Jumbo will soon discover, in his 'quest' to find Papa. And the battle scenes? Classic. Reminded me of Ben Hur, those elephants and the wooden logs.

Some visuals are sooo romantic, you will never ever forget. Like the white kabutarni who comes directly from the moon to bring 'sandesa' of Papa to Jumbo. Ok, maybe I am not being completely honest, but yaar, please understand, I also have a little creative liscence no?

After all, I saw this entire two hours long fillum with bacchaa who didnt blink once even.

The problem with watching a film with a serious viewer : One can neither whistle nor gossip nor distract. If only I wasnt a film wali at heart, I would have exercised control and forced him to stop at Interval. But tell me, folks, have you ever walked out of a super dooper hit film in the interval and not hung your head in shame?

If I cant teach him English, at least let me teach him to appreciate good cinema. And this aint no back handed compliment. I mean every single word. Jumbo is mast. A must watch.

Here is the trailor. At least watch it, even if you dont have sound on your comps, you miserable people.

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