Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spiritually and Politically in-correct, but who cares?

Last week, me and hubby did something we haven't been doing for a long time. For four continuous nights, we saw four documentary films on the saint Kabir. Hubby is to do an interview with the film maker, Shabnam Virmani. Shabnam is into Kabir like an iron bucket into a well. She has made these four films on Kabir, more about them here.

For anyone even remotely interested in spirituality, oral tradition, devotional singing, qawalis, the real kabir bhakts, these films are a feast. They are coming on NDTV, in the documentary section. Do watch them. Here is the schedule.

Had-Anhad (Bounded-Boundless)


Jan 14 & 15 (Wed & Thurs) - (Half hour slots) 9:30 to 10 pm
Repeat on Jan 18 (Sunday) - (One hour slot) 1 to 2 pm


Jan 21 - 22 (Wed & Thurs) - (Half hour slots) 9:30 to 10 pm
Repeat on Jan 25 - (Sunday) - (One hour slot) 1 to 2 pm

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein (In the Market stands Kabir)


Jan 28 - 29 (Wed & Thurs) - (Half hour slots) 9:30 to 10 pm
Repeat on Feb 1 (Sunday) - (One hour slot) 1 to 2 pm


Feb 4 - 5 (Wed & Thurs) - (Half hour slots) 9:30 to 10 pm
Repeat on Feb 8 (Sunday) - (One hour slot) 1 to 2 pm

But what I was saying was, yes. Hubby and I. Not only did we see these films together, we even spoke about them.

'Kabir is spiritually and politically correct, isn't he?' asks Hubs.

'Yes, I suppose he fits into the elite, the secular framework.' I reply.

'Then why do you keep watching this hindu-hindu, saffron robed gale mein mala jhamela?

I smile. Finally, hubby has made an intelligent observation and asked me a question!

'Because, darling, he talks to my heart. And my heart does not have a filter. Neither does it need a secular approval, nor a scientific basis, it does not even consult my mind. It is a smart heart. It is protected from myths and superstitions about dangers of the color saffron. It has given itself the freedom to mingle with them all.'

On that note, here is a you-tube video of a very funny and insightful talk by Swami Nithyananda.

And, I would like to go on record that hubby sits with me for meditation every day, albeit a little reluctantly. I am willing to go to jail for forcing him into something he is confused about.


Banno said...

I love your clarity. Yes, if your heart is smart enough to know, so be it. And why should saffron be barred, just because it is politically incorrect? I agree with you there.

Grasshopper said...


Actually, after the Gujarat riots, I went through a phase of ,'I don't want anything to do with saffron', till I realized that the sunset hadn't changed it's color. And I find the setting sun very very beautiful.
So I don't think the color saffron is politically incorrect.

It's people with narrow mindedness and intolerance towards the other religions that I would like to avoid. They could be wearing any color, even white.

Unpretentious Diva said...

I wonder how you try to keep your kids safe against the indoctrinations... or whether you try or not.

Anyways, its always Individual's freedom, to decide what to see, what and how to think what to believe in and also how to raise a family.

I being atheist and a proponent of liberty, freedom and justice, will surely try to not to indoctrinate anyone (including kids in my family, when I will make one) even about atheism. They will have their freedom to seek, observe rationalize and attain proper knowledge about life, existence and reality. Mysticism sucks anyhow in any shape.

And about saffron, I have nothing against saffron, I know people of great grace wearing saffron whole life, umm as to mention names, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati of AryaSamaj fame, Vivekanand,
Ahh yep, let me present you Vivekanand's speech at Athens

"For it is better that mankind should become atheist by following reason than blindly believe in two hundred millions of gods on the authority of anybody. What we want is progress, development, realisation. No theories ever made men higher. No amount of books can help us to become purer. The only power is in realisation, and that lies in ourselves and comes from thinking. Let men think. A clod of earth never thinks; but it remains only a lump of earth. The glory of man is that he is a thinking being. It is the nature of man to think and therein he differs from animals. I believe in reason and follow reason having seen enough of the evils of authority, for I was born in a country where they have gone to the extreme of authority."

Vivekanand, at Athens

Grasshopper said...

Is it possible, and even necessary, to keep one's child in a totally neutral zone? Children are extremely sensitive. A child will imbibe your values, your thoughts, your feelings, all without you having to say a word.
I will be glad if my child himself tries to learn meditation. All I can do is not force him into it. But yes, cajole him I will. If a mother gets a jar of honey, will she finish it all herself?
I being a believer am a follower of beauty, tolerance, and clarity.
Which is the same as liberty, freedom and justice, isn't it?
Do you think love does not have a reason? Love has a reason that even reason does not.

Yes, Vivekananda was a very reasonable person. He was on a mission. Before which, he was sitting at the feet of his master, Shree Ramakrishna.

And Ramakrishna was devoted to maa Kali, a three feet black stone image at Dakshineshwar. The point being, we cannot escape this unreasonable thing called faith.

And the real masters prefer to woo atheists rather than believers. What fun is there in preaching to the converted?

JOY said...

See SHEKHAR SEN ' kabir' ,
it is really good.

truth remains one and only one and it can not have any other meaning. that is the clarity one ends up having always when one starts looking for the truth, because truth is not always the thing what one knows , ya but what u see and feel is the truth for certain.