Friday, June 19, 2009

Ftii, I see you today

For the first time in his life, my kid is visiting my alma mater today. He is breathing under the wisdom tree. His feet are touching the girls hostel steps.

Raju (my younger sister, also from FTII) has come down to Pune from Mumbai to meet him, although she met him just a few weeks ago. She must have shown him the huge studios, he must have looked up and seen a flashback of his mother in her pink pants, climbing the dangling ropes on the studio's roof, where from the babies (hmi lights) hang quietly.

He might have visited the Editing Studio, and looked through a negative. He may even have picked up a can of film, being the helpful and over enthusiastic kid that he is and felt its weight, and also its magic.

I wonder if Raju took him up the projector in the MT. Most important, did he sit and watch a film there, and notice how comfortably everyone sits in the dark theater? I really hope someone shouted Frame! Or at least Sound!

Did he watch a shooting in progress? Did he hear a clap? Action? Has it entered his mind that there is something beyond cartoon network? Or the something behind the screen?

I was trying (hopelessly) to teach him how to manually focus in a still camera just before he left. Did he meet some camera fellow who taught him?

And why am I going all mushy with these thoughts? Film Institute, why didn't you call me too? I would have come, honest. Just because I don't look like this anymore doesn't mean you forget me.


Banno said...

yes, you are right. ftii has to call you, doesn't it? maybe it doesn't call me too, because i don't look like that anymore either? ok, there comes that terrible nostalgia again. lucky pavan!

SUR NOTES said...

i did not get the calling.

yet i took her@ 8 months. She crawled all along the girls' hostel dining table, ate tai's curd rice, and chirped at gloria.

oh, and i thought of banno's dhanno. :)

Irene said...

I took mine the first time when she was 4 months old. Still have a photo of her in Tai's arms :)
Whom did he go with?

Grasshopper said...

He went to Poona with his Papa. Prayas was doing a small workshop there, with a NGO called open space, which is next to the krishna dining hall.

And Raju went down to meet him, show him around, all that.

Now that he is back, he is talking more of the pav bhaji he had in the restaurants, and the zoo he went to, and he wants to go shift to Poona because it has cycle lanes.