Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the healing tower

I attended a Kalpataru on 1st October last year, and 75% of my health problems were solved within the next two months. Mysterious things happened, like I became a partial bare footer, etc.

Some other miracles include surviving in Bangalore without a proper job, with the freedom to stay at home and watch swamiji's u tube videos to my hearts content. :)

On a serious note, Swamiji has done some incredible healings. Day before yesterday I heard of a first person narration of an old man, an ex serviceman, who had been suffering from insomnia for the last forty years. He was not allowed to go out of the house alone, because he was extremely short tempered and picked fights with unsuspecting people. Swamiji gave him three healings over a month and this fellow now sleeps without medicine, goes out alone, walks around the city to test his physical fitness levels.....

Healing, by the way, is just the hook, he is much much more than a doc.

The countdown has begun... just 2 days to go for Kalpataru ..... please call the numbers at the end of the page for tickets.

Kalpataru with Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

A wonderful opportunity to be in the Master's divine energy field for a whole day ... culminating with darshan to each participant from Paramahamsa himself...! Kalpataru is being conducted by Swamiji himself at the Ashram on Saturday 13 June 2009.
Come! Be blessed with the kalpataru darshan from living enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Kalpataru is a unique one-day meditation program that guides you to blissful living. Through special guided meditations, Kalpataru prepares you to directly receive blessings and boons from a living enlightened being. It empowers you with the energy to align your intentions with your actions so you can live an beautifully integrated life with both 'outer' success and 'inner' bliss all at the same time!
Kalpataru sows in you the seeds of:
· Shakti Energy... to change the things you need to change
· Buddhi Intelligence... to know what need not be changed
· Yukti Understanding. .. that whatever you may change, Existence itself is a continuously changing dream
· Bhakti Devotion... to the eternally unchanging Truth
Mukti – Liberation... that happens when you experience the above in your life!
Kalpataru bestows upon you the energy to imbibe the right intentions in life & align every action with those intentions, so you live a conflict free life, what is called ‘Living Enlightenment’or Jeevan Mukti.

Important Information: To save waiting in lines and to get direct entry into the enclosure, Kalpataru contribution passes (tickets) of Rs. 1000/- each are now available with all Yogam host families - see attachment. More locations will be posted to this newsgroup very soon...

Yogam and several other programs in and around Bangalore have created significant awareness of the Master and His mission... many new seekers are keen to be in the presence of the Master... so please get in touch with all you know - tell them about Kalpataru with the Master...and ensure your ticket books are are all sold out...

For Kalpataru
tickets please get in touch with the Yogam host family nearest you... or call at the numbers below...

For more information and tickets please call:
  • Ma Nithya Akhila: 98802 03654
  • Ravi 99808 44309
(there is a kalpataru in Mumbai, Baroda and Hyderabad in September, for his schedule, click.


Ann said...

Great to hear about your kalpataru experience. Thanks for sharing. We are excited for the same in Oct,2009 in Detroit. :) pl let me know if u have any friends or family in detroit interested in attending this wonderful and once in life time event.

Yaro said...

yes, this is wonderful course.
Swami put seed to attain goal of our life.

couples who are going to have baby should attend this.