Friday, June 26, 2009


There are uploaded about five hundred videos of Swami Nithyananda on you tube, all for free. As has become my nightly habit, just before going to bed I treat myself to a video. A few days ago, it started becoming difficult to find a new video, and I started seeing second shows.

But tonight, suddenly this video sprouted out of nowhere and I was so very grateful. Guess what it is called? Gratitude.

Saying thank you to the Bus driver, the waiter, the shop keeper and of course the maid, I realized, are a part of western culture I was taught by mum. Here swamiji appreciates the the culture of gratitude expressed in the social structure in the west.

A master is used as an object to intensify the devotion in you, he says, later. And I remembered the nandi in Arunachala. How I loved him. I used to go to the Arunachaleshwar temple in Tiru, just to sit outside the innermost temple and look at the nandi. A nandi is always facing north, his body posture is slightly angular, he is always waiting for Shiva. I never realised then that there was something called the nandi puja, but I was doing it.

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