Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who wants to walk barefoot?

Nope, this ain't a picture of my slippers. But please, someone, I would give you a kiss if you tell me how to grow grass on my slippers.

By the way, I stole this pic from here.


SUR NOTES said...

i want these chappals too!

maybe we could ask Dr. Batra?

Grasshopper said...

You know, I am on a mailing list of the customer care Bata. Maybe I can mail them back?

Stupid Idea. How do we get in touch with Dr. Batra? But why would a homeopath do a naturopathic thing?

Or how about Dr. Shawls, that soft sandals fellow?

How about a gardener and a mochi?

Khaqan Zafar said...

These are Chappals, anyway....but who could walk with them

Space Bar said...

I love those chappals! Ok, here's an idea: get one of those cork based chappals that dip. Leave with soil, grass seeds and water lovingly. Not impossible.

Anonymous said...

I am posting a comment here for the first time. I think this is my second visit to your blog.

I too want to go to Arunachala, have been wanting to go there for some years now.

And I also like walking barefeet on grass :)

Good to find your blog!

Best wishes,

SUR NOTES said...

gosh, i had seen you sitting on the footpath outside jehangir...!

the child first day at her biog school today- and i have just reached the part about the weighing machine baby and the germanlady...

Grasshopper said...

Sur Notes,

So it actually happened? I didn't dream it all up?
I wonder how Hansraj will feel when he grows up, that he starred in a book as a divine baby!
He is now ten, and my child's best friend in Tiru!

dO finish the book and let me know how you liked it.

SUR NOTES said...

Finished it in almost one sitting. Hunted for your phone number-the graftii site has a dead number. your sis absconding.
the book- i like!

but more to say- will email.