Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GGGGrrrrreat ideas

'Ai, Can I have a cub?'

I am dumbfounded.

'No?' he helps me out.

I nod.

'Why, not?' he asks.

I still cant answer.

'Because the police will catch us?' he helps me again.

I nod.

'But I want a cub Ai. Why cant we keep a cub?'

'It will become a Lion and eat us all.' I offer.

'But I want only a cub. I don't want a Lion.'

'Even a cub has very sharp teeth, darling. If it nibbles your ear lovingly, your ear will come off!'

'You are lying! I want a cub! Ai! Can I have a cub?'

I try the oldest trick in the book. 'Ask Papa. He will get you a cub, I am sure of it. Just ask Papa! Go!'

'You also come!' he drags my chair to Papas room.

'Papa! I want a cub!'

'Whose cub? Tigers? Lions or a Cheetas?'

'I want a Tiger's cub!'

'Ok, done! Mama, go to Banerghata national park tomorrow and get a cub!'


Nirali said...

hahah! That's what I call passing the buck, errr...cub!

Banno said...


Smita said...

And so very easily has ur hubby got rid of you :D

Jean said...

Sweet! :)