Sunday, February 28, 2010

is my desire true or borrowed?

in QMP we talk about desires.
we have the energy to pursue our true desires
and most of our desires are borrowed.
from cinema, form novels, from the others.

spirituality, is all about finding the truth
that which shines always,
that which is intrinsic
that which cannot be run away from.

If I had a choice today,
to write a book or organize a QMP
what do you think I 'd do,
me who is QMP struck?

( QMP is short for Quantum Memory Programme. )

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Jean said...

Dear Atmapreeta,
Posting a comment here since my mails seemed not to have reached you! I had sent two mails, the second one bounced.

I had sent in a request for the writing assignments which you promised to forward us, and I had also sent the writing exercises that were part of the Feb workshop.

And oh- I bought A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage from Landmark last weekend! Read a few pages, too!

Jean / Jeena R Papaadi