Thursday, February 18, 2010

lonely moments

I was making tea for myself,

when I suddenly realized,

I am boiling two cups of the water-milk mix.

Now I sit here with two steaming cups

and wait

for the guest to arrive......

Come soon, please.

Your tea is getting cold.


Doli said...

oh how I wish I had the cup of tea :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through your membership with the dirty sole society. I find your poem quite lovely. My family and I are visiting India for the first time this August, though I don't think we'll be near Bangalore. We will spend a week in Meherabad near Ahmednagar so that I may pay my respects at Meher Baba's samadhi, and then we are going down into Kerala. I've been wondering whether it is acceptable for tourists to be barefooted in India. But, I haven't really been fervent about being a DSS member, so I am happy to wear my sandals.

Thank you for your beautiful poem.

Atmapreeta / Manjushree Abhinav said...

Dear Paul,

The reason india has only one member on the barefooters group, is because anyone and everyone can go around barefoot.

Other than cities, no one even notices you!

Specially around the samadhi area, you must chuck your footwear, and soak up the earths beautiful energy through your feet.


If you live in Bangalore, do come home. That cup is still waiting for you. :)