Tuesday, February 2, 2010


How tempted I am to write that I took this picture. The deeper truth beneath the lie would be that I would love to have the courage to hold a camera when a cobra is worshiping the lingam.

This post is a salaam to the cobra who had the courage to continue its love affair in spite of a camera. This can happen only in India. :)

(Click on the picture and then increase your viwing size to see the snakes hood clearly.)

Below is the story:

Miracle on January 15, 2010 – Solar Eclipse day:

This Naga Serpent has been regularly visiting the Siva Idol for the last three Sooriya Grahanams. (Solar eclipses). The priest and some locals had arranged for a photographer a few months back during Sooriya Grahanam. In fact, they had kept milk offering also for the Naga. But the snake did not appear on the day. On this particular Grahanam day when the priest opened the Sanctum Sanctorum he saw the snake on the top of the Siva Linga idol. He immediately called Mr. Thenappan the photographer who lives in Thrunagesvaram a kilo meter from this village. Meantime a dozen or more people including my house caretaker had assembled to witness this miracle. In front of their eyes the Naga went back to the "Vilwa tree" plucked the leaves and came back all the way to drop it on the Siva Linga. All these have been photographed by Mr. Thenappan.

It may be pertinent to note that many of the residents of this Agaraharm are named Nagarajan or Nagalingam for a few generations as I know. In fact my original / Sarman is Nagarajan because of this tradition. Interestingly, the ruling deity of
the temple in Thirunagesvaram (Raghu Sthalam - 1 Km from this village) is named Naganatha Swamy and that temple has a separate big Raghu Sanadhi with His two Consorts. Perhaps there is a divine link between all these facts and


Spirited Seeker said...

Hi Atmapreeta,

Very interesting story!

Thanks for the phone numbers of the healing teachers. I did speak to one of them this morning.

I would also like to tell you that I have read your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It flows. It had me smiling at times, and laughing too. I loved almost all the characters. Favourites were Baba (Swami Nithyananda's disciple), Gopika's grandmother and Jonathan, Farid and of course Ramesh :). When Baba said the things he said, I found a lump in my throat. He has the knack for sparking off a longing more urgently!

Gopika came across as a carefree seeker, a rare one. I am quite the opposite:) ha, ha! She came across somebody who is quite free and on her way to total freedom. Loved the fact that she easily wore saris, and that she could paint, and that she was quite fearless.

After reading the book, I tried your number. I felt like talking with you. I guess you were out of town.

Much love and warmth,
Spirited Seeker

Atmapreeta / Manjushree Abhinav said...

Hi, darling,

thanks for the response.

my number is in the toi half the month:i volunteer a few things for the ashram. So i sometimes don't return calls, sorry about that. please do call me, evenings is a good time.

r u based in hydrabad?