Friday, February 5, 2010

healing the educational trauma,

was what attracted me to attend a programme called QMP. Quantum memory programme. Quantum memory is the spontaneous memory that arises with the awakening of the Innate Intelligence, thereby making studies a celebration.

Surprisingly, although this course told us that the memory improving techniques were meant for eighth plus students, I have been trying them out on my class 4 and 5 kids and the kids are loving it. Yes, I know I am supposed to be an English teacher, but...

QMP is a one of a kind breakthrough approach to studies and education. It includes meditation, Yoga, I mean how far can these two be from Swami Nithyananda?

QMP also goes into the right and left brain imbalance caused by social conditioning (eat with right hand, and left hand is for that job only), and how all of us become left brainers because we hardly use our left hand.( The left brain controls the right hand, etc). The solution? Very simple. Start eating with left hand, writing with left hand. Use the left hand to comb your hair, to stir the sugar, to put the kumkum on the forehead.

Verbalization and Visualization are also two aspects of right and left brain potentialities. Both can co-exist. IQ, EQ and SQ can and should, all live together happily.

(The other day, one boy I was giving healing to had something on his t-shirt that made me giggle: My IQ test came back, negative.)

How come some students score well and others just don't? Knowingly or unknowingly, the toppers are using some tricks to memorize, to internalize. One of them is being aware in class. Concentration is not the same as Awareness. Interest in the subject is what spurs the quantum leap into information going straight into the permanent memory tank.

Interest is nothing but a heightened sense of awareness. Causeless excitement. I have never ever imagined, in my wildest fantasies, that excitement and studies can go together. That I can study with my whole body. That I can be alive in each cell, because thats where our Intelligence is. I learn t how to study.

Some of us have had a tough time with certain subjects. In fact, I have had a tough time with school itself.

'Healing the educational trauma' was one meditation in the programme where we forgive all our teachers, parents and relatives for forcing us to go to a prison for children called the school.

I am not exaggerating. Watch how kids burst out of classrooms as soon as the bell rings. Civilization is all about taming the wild instincts of men. 'Dont run! Dont shout! Dont talk!'

Strictness about the uniform is one thing I still cant stand. 'Why have you applied henna? It is against the rules. Your shoes are not white enough.'

All these and more facts make studies a burden. This meditation separates the two associations and really, my childhood changed its hues and shades.

On my way back from QMP, I asked the teacher if he used the techniques on his son.
'My boy is quite unclutched from his studies, so I don't bother him. The day he asks me how to memorize, I will tell him. Till then, let him be.'

And boy, this was such a releif to me. I used to worry that Pavan does not answer my 'what did you learn in school today ?' question because he does not pay attention in class. Not so. In fact, it is a very positive, very blissfull attitude. As Swami would say, he is uncluched. Let him be. Let him play. Let him be blissfull.'

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