Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is a star a rock?

Tring tring!

'Hello Papa. How are you?'

(I call my hubby Papa, after the Indian tradition :) )

'I need a singing teacher. ASAP!' he says, from Delhi.

'For whom?' I ask.

'For me. I want to learn to sing. Properly. Find me a teacher. Someone who can teach me Indian Classical Music. I don't want to learn South Indian singing. I want Hindustani Classical Music teacher.'

'Ok, ok, I will find someone. I am happy you want to do something other than work. This is indeed an auspicious sign. May I ask why, suddenly?'

'Because I want to become a rock star!'

Edited to add: I got permission to reveal this on the blog because I assured him that this way we will surely find the singing teacher. So if anyone has heard a harmonium around Sanjay Nagar, or somewhere in Bangalore, please tell. Fast. A rock is to become a Star!

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Banno said...

And I thought he was one already.