Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a child adores in so many ways

From six years old to eight, Pavdu has grown quite a bit.

Two years ago, we had gone to the bookshop in a Mumbai mall, where we saw a fresh copy of 'Trust me', authored by my sister, who Pavan calls Latu maushi. He probably had no idea that many such copies existed in different bookshops, for when a customer wanted to buy the book, little Pavdu got very upset. He took the book out of the lady's hands and wouldn't give it to anyone.

'But Latu maushis's photo is on the book.' he asserted.

'True. And if you could read, my name is also on it.' Latu maushi told him, trying to hide how pleased she was that he was so possessive of her book.

Somehow we managed to get him out of the shop and let the customer buy the book.

And now, he is not just wise, he has become smart.
Every morning, when he goes to school, he puts one copy of my book, 'A Grasshooper's Pilgrimage' in his school bag and sells them to his teachers!

And he can read where his name is written in the book!

That he doesn't bring back any money doesn't bother me. That is the next step, hole hole ho jayega.


anu sinha said...

must be so xcitin to have child lookin up t'u so much isnt it.

avdi said...

wow ! a family of writers . I need to go pick up books by the sisters. I have read some good reviews of Trust me. I will try the Grasshopper as well !

JOY said...

it is really a great feeling to be appreciated by one's own child. I am happy for you.

Henri said...

Actually, you should make him your salesman! He will sell ten books a day, for starters. He is so proud of the book that he will sell it well, and then he is so cute that people will get floored with his puppy eyes and they will buy the book! Imagine, how many you will sell in a year, if he does this????!!!!

Banno said...

Great! Who needs money, anyway?

Smita said...

Your son is adorable :-)& see how proud is he of you :)