Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What the mechanic said to the barefooter

me: This scooter doesn't self- start anymore. The Battery is down.

mechanic : Lets see.

scooter : Drrrrr!!!Drrrrr!!!

mechanic: But its starting!

me: No, it's starting now because its hot. I am telling you the battery is down. Please change the batteries.

mechanic: No need to change the battery, madam. The battery is re-generative. All you need is to drive it regularly.

me: Please, sir. Listen to me. The battery is down, it needs to change. I don't like to kick it, my knee pains. Please change the battery.

mechanic: You drive it regularly, the battery will get charged automatically.

me: But I drive it regularly.

mechanic: No you don't. You walk around barefoot all over town.


Banno said...

Did he really say that? And do you really do that?

Nino's Mum said...

:) absolutely lyrical.

Smita said...

hehehe but he is right no?

Moonlight Thoughts said...

and if you see this way - walking is very healthy, so you consider yourself a lucky one :) :)


Grasshopper said...

Yup, I do walk barefoot, though not so much these days, as it is getting a bit hot.

Walking barefoot is more fun during the rainy season, because the wet earth is more conductive for passing on the bounty of the earth. Dry earth is just acupressure. But it is still better than plastic, leather or sweaty socks. :)

Henri said...

Cutie! I almost imagined the entire scene! Imagine how exasperated (and HONEST) he is to have quipped back to you like that, and also to have let go of money! :D

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