Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to borrow your mother's sleep

'What do you want for your birthday?' asks hubby, a couple of weeks ago.

'I want a white nightie.' I answer.

'White as in, plain white, or printed, or cotton or satin or ..'

'Forget it.' I pout.

'No, why forget it? I am just asking, no.'

'You are confusing me.'

'That's because I am confused no. If I get something you don't like, it wont get worn..

'That's why I said forget it.'

'Then we will go together and buy it, OK?'



Birthday comes and goes. White nightie doesn't.

Mother comes for a visit.

Hubby buys me a white saree with black border for the Chennai book launch (from a shop next door).

Mother buys me another white saree with a green border(from the same shop).

When Mom is sleeping in the afternoons, daughter goes and hugs her, basking in her sleep induced relaxation. Mother snores away, oblivious to the envious nazar of someone who wonders at the secret of blissfull sleep.

Mother leaves by the early morning train. She has packed her clothes last night only. After she is gone, daughter goes to the terrace to pick up the dried clothes. And fluttering in the morning sun, is her mother's white nightie, cotton, with small purple dots, full of the promise of a mothers hug.

Thank you, Aai, for the white nightie. It holds all of you. And more.


Banno said...

So you got your white nightie, and 2 white saris. How much luckier can you get on your birthday! Happy birthday. When?

Grasshopper said...

Birthday gone, almost ten days now. But thanks.
Hey, have you got the book yet?

starry-eyed said...

Belated Happy Birthday Manjushree! And congrats on the publication of your book!

Nirali said...

yaar... tu kya likhti hai! Mere man mein kuch pighal ke beh sa jaata hai. In shabdo mein tere dil ki khoobsurti dikhti hai.

Nino's Mum said...

awww... mums always get to our unspoken needs, sometimes even without trying :)
I love the sound of both the white sarees, and they should be a lovely colour to don in sultry Madras. Good luck Manjushree, and can't wait to see you read in Ahmedabad. hugs.