Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get a free Grasshopper!

Dear fellow bloggers, friends, enemies, ghosts and angels,

As part of my book promotion drive, I have decided to ship a free copy of my recently published novel, A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage to all bloggers who promise to write a review of the same on their blog. This offer is open to journalists, review writers, etc, anyone who has a reach of over a hundred readers.

You are free to write whatever you feel like. Just make it longer than two words. One complete sentence of eight words is the minimum requirement. Accompanied by the photo of the cover (which you can copy paste from the above link). A link to my link will be great as it has all the online sites where the book can be bought.

This original review has to be published within one month of getting the book.

Send in your address, to manjushree.abhinav@gmail.com. Don't forget to mention your blog / website / publication.

I am copying here a write-up of the book.


Manjushree Abhinav

Praise for A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage :

Beautiful, evocative and light; it floats into your consciousness and takes you along into an inward journey.’ - Gulzar.

‘The point is not whether Indian readers are ready for ‘fiction – spiritual’, if I may call it. The point is the caterpillar who has become a butterfly will make sure a grasshopper’s pilgrimage is worth every step.’ – Anurag Kashyap (Filmmaker and Scriptwriter)

‘While some writers write with effort, some books write themselves out through the writer. In them writers become mediums. This debut novel shows you might want to watch out for Manjushree, she is one such prominent medium.’ –Amandeep Sandhu, Author of Sepia Leaves.


Gopika: single, pretty, and a spiritual seeker. While working for a television channel in the city of lights, Mumbai, she hears an inner call. Like a grasshopper, she flits from guru to guru, from a hippie boyfriend, from making films to making chapattis, from Kolkata to a temple town in South India, from discovering a friend in her grandmother to falling in love with a mountain. Why does she jump so much? She can’t help it; she is a grasshopper with a spiritual tadka.

A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage spirals in directions unpredictable as it follows its free-spirited and soul searching protagonist. This tale is host to a delightful motley bunch of characters: Sufi babas, smoking hippies, freedom fighters, and foreigners without visas. It is a love-story of a woman’s inner journey as she circles the feet of her beloved mountain.


Manjushree has established her own repertoire in the art of grasshopping. Her first calling was writing. Then the magic of the silver screen enticed her into itself, and she enrolled in the Film Institute. But she couldn't bear the transition from cinema to video, and escaped to the mountains to study alternative healing. Her exciting career as a healer was cut short when she fell in love with a patient and married him. Her husband is an artist and he inspires her to write. After making some documentary films and teaching, she went back to her first love and wrote this novel. Now, she is an addicted blogger at www.baktoo.blogspot.com.

Manjushree lives with her husband, Prayas, and child, Pavan, in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Tiruvannamalai…

Price: Rs 150, pages: 174

Published by: Rupa and Co, ISBN 978-81-291-1449-5

Contact details:

Bangalore mobile: 09945192862, Bangalore landline: 080 42033118


Honey Bee said...

HI Grass Hopper,
I would love to have a copy of your Book. I love to read and I do have a blog. I do not write reviews. But would do so, once I read it. Also, I had stopped blogging for almost a year no and has just revamped.

I don mind buying one copy of yours, but here at Trichy, I am not able to locate a store.

my mail id is honeybeesleeps@gmail.com and my blog is

JOY said...

dear grasshopper
how will ghost send u his address!!

Smita said...

Am getting it tomorrow :-) and can't wait to lay me hands on it.

Words from Gulzaar?? I almost died seeing them :) I love that man :)

Grasshopper said...

dear Honey Bee,
I have gone though your blog and yup, you get the first free book! Send me your address, quick.

Dear Joy,
Tch Tch. The ghost will send the address of the one he has possessed, Joy. Tere ghost ko bol uski akal thikane nahi hai.

Sreejit said...

Hi Grasshopper, I got into your profile by going through different blogs.
I do blog but I dont think I have a readership of 100 people. But then I havent tried my hand at book review myself. But there is always a first time.

Please let me know where I can get the book in Hyderabad.

And do visit my blog http://itsabigdeal.blogspot.com/

the mad momma said...

honey - your book will rock. just like your blog does!

wordjunkie said...

Hi, Followed you back from a link you left on my blog.
A friend and I also write a bookblog, at www.endlessbookblah.blogspot.com/ and would love to read you.
Am emailing you my address right away.

Honey Bee said...

I have sent you a mail darling.

Good luck dear.

anusha said...

Hello Grasshopper,

Just came across your book in Rupa &Co's website.I would surely be interested in reading your book and writing a review on my blog.I can also see that the reply to this particular post,which was written in Feb,is quite late too.
Please go through my blog and let me know if I can still get the free copy of your book.


Jay said...

Liked the price tag..