Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a virgin no more

Hubby is a nalayak number uno. He sits on his throne (laptop) and puts on his head phones and talks to people on skype, right in front of us.

He is talking loudly to his laptop, looking deep into it. 'Hello, can you hear me? Yes. I can see you. I can hear you too. You can hear me but cant see me? Switch on your camera. Now you can see me? Great. How are you doing?'

I am overcome by jealousy.

'Go pinch him.' I tell the kid.

Pavdu goes behind him and gets in the screen space, pulls his tongue, then pinches Papa's big big belly. Papa yelps at the other fellow. The next moment Papa is running after son, and Mama goes and takes Papa's place.

Mama: Hi there.

Skype man (Good looking fellow): Hello Maam.

Maam: Hi. Sorry about that. Just a routine evening at home.

Skype man: No problem. I have heard a lot about you from your husband.

Me: Really? What?

Skype Man: He speaks very fondly of you.

Me: Oh yeah?

(I am getting a bit uncomfortable. I don't look too good in the little box. He is looking good but I cant see his eyes.)

Skype Man: He told me you wrote a novel.

Me: Yes, I did.

Skype Man: Whats it about?

Me: Its a spiritual journey of a woman.

Skype Man: Indian woman or Foreign?

Me : Oh, she is Indian. Very much Indian. Hey, you know something? This is the first time I am talking to someone on Skype.

Skype Man: Really? It's first time for me too. Your hubby just sent me the link.

Me: Oh. Haat milao. Shake hands.

(I don't know where the camera lens is, where I should touch my hands. But I see his hands waving in front of his face. I feel very silly.)

Skype Man: So we were skype virgins till now. Ha ha ha.

Me: (astounded) This is too naughty a conversation for me. Bye!

Skype Man: Hey, you are going? Wait. Sor...


Smita said...

ha ha :D

A lovley post & so sweet of your hubby no??

Banno said...

Hey, I'm like that too. Generally avoid all these online chatting sites because people get so 'overfamiliar' so easily. Funny story.

And guess what, Strand finally called me to say they have a grasshopper for me. Yipee. So review coming up soon.

Princess said...

i loved it ... since am so use too talking on Skype, lolz...


Anonymous said...

:)) lol great one..and ur book review sounded interesting in smitas blog