Friday, December 19, 2008

Deep mood

'You are in a deep mood since afternoon aren't you?' he asks, across the table, looking up from his laptop.

'Yes. How did you know?'

'Shakal se hi lagta hai, bara baje hai.' he replies. (Sorry, this is not translatable.)

This always happens to me just before I set off for Tiruvannamalai. I think of all the reasons I shouldn't go, then I convince myself that I am not going, after that I barely manage to not cry.

And then, I go.

This time, the pull is double power. Swami Nithyananda is going to walk around the mountain on Sunday, with an expected number of twenty thousand devotees.

I missed going to Tiru for Deepam for this pradakshina.
I have even got my white suit stitched.
Just because hubby and kid are ditching me for a village trip somewhere, should I not follow my own star?

The problem is, there is no question of should or shouldn't here. The problem is, I am free to go either way. The problem is, I will miss the family when I look at the Mountain.


JOY said...

the pic of the seeker is really good.
ya this is the story of life of the seeker. a
And unoptionally the real seeker has to be balanced, to have the perfect balance love the present, give the most of the inner warmth, and beaware never seek it in reciprocation as you need to increase your momentum , because as a human being you have freedom to evolve for yourself. And as a mother you have the freedom but your freedom to give to your child reduces daily. So simple it is as his mind is growing, his capacity to reason will grow, than his capacity to think will come and he shall like to be himself. so real fundamental of life is so simple increase the capacity to give on the daily basis. Give whatever you are giving but give only the love.

Grasshopper said...

Thanks for the comment, Joy. But tell me, why haven't you accepted the award that I gave you?
You are supposed to put it up on your blog and pass it on to other blogs that you like.

JOY said...

i have accepted and i shall put it on my blog in reality last few days it had been very hectic, and home broadband is closed so doing it now.

ankita said...

follow ur heart. u'll never regret it!

Banno said...

Aren't you blessed? Either way, your choice will be right. :-)

Grasshopper said...

I went to Tiru, I saw Swamiji doing a namaste to the mountain,indeed I am blessed.
And I heard a long lecture in Tamil in which I understood only two words,
'Spiritual Incubator'.
The topic of the talk was , The Bliss that is Arunachala.'