Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year Resolution

I know its not new year yet, but I want to practice this resolution for a bit before I make a resolution and fail immediately. Because that would dampen the spirit and the strength of the resolution.

My resolution is the hardest I have ever made. All my life, I have been a late riser and a procrastinator. Somehow, I feel these two are related. So I have decided to wake up at six am every single morning, for at least one continuous month, January 2009.

So I went and bought myself a Christmas gift: A Brand New Alarm Clock.

It has the following features:

  • It is bulky, so it cant be kept on the bed, and so it wont get switched off by hubby (which is what he does to my mobile every morning).
  • It has an alarm that goes on and on till I hit it on the head, after which it gives out a cheerful 'good morning'.
  • It does not have the snooze option.
I am going to keep it in the other room, so that I will have to get out of bed.

Another effort that goes in to transform my tamasic nature: I am going to practice getting up and out of bed immediately after hearing the alarm clock, as suggested by this very interesting piece of advice on how to get up early.

This article basically suggests that we should get into bed with mosquito net, nightie, et all, during the day and set the alarm for ten minutes later. As soon as it goes off, smile, stretch, and get up. Repeat everyday for as many days as required for you to get your mind trained to do this in the mornings too.

The scientist who claims to have succeeded at this experiment, says that after an age-limit, no amount of self scolding works. The only way to make a habit out of something is by getting into the habit consciously, only when you are awake.

If it works, as an experiment it is a great secret to master.

Besides, it is a little weird. So I have to do it.

So this is why I bought the alarm clock today, so that I have a few days practice. Now you know how I am going to spend the Christmas holidays, get into bed, listen to the alarm, get out of bed, an hour later, get into bed...


Nirali said...

My friend, I think it is the best resolution you have taken up, along with your regular (medi)'tations'! To add that extra punch, I too resolve to do the same for the month of Jan, in support, solidarity and love.

BTW, when I was living at the forest or farm, waking up early was never a struggle as it often feels like in the city. When we sleep in the open, the natural waking of the birds and the trees exudes a freshness to rise.

Sri said...

Most Waking up blues are caused by Spasmodic thoughts.
A simple auto-suggestion before drifting into sleep like "I will not think about it, I'll mechanically get out of my bed" helped me.
Same with Washing Dishes. It's the thinking that causes much pain more than the Action. 'Magic of Thinking Big' covered it Lucidly.
Hmm... Pavlina has writtern a thesis about it and milked 100 replies ...Yawn :)

JOY said...

MANY a times we take the resolutions and often if we are defined we succeed also. but often we need a companion in getting successful with ourselves. the best companion is often the self.
just a suggestion nirali also has taken the resolution so if u like , define an activity at sharp 6 am for just two mins where you both need be online. but it shall just happen irrespective of the condition you shall be up because of the planned activity and she shall also be up and after few days you both shall end up loving the discipline, no alarm clock will be needed. and ultimately you shall find the momentum increasing with you both, i have been keeping alarm of 4 am since last ten years but i wake between 5 and 7 only.

avagdro said...

Lots of changes.Pretty interesting menu of resolutions.Thanks there.
My new year resolution is to make self Happy n all others Happy,Enjoy living in present,stop procrastinating and take complete responsibility where ever I'm.Pray for all the people all around for their absolute Happiness,peace,prosperity blossom in all aspects of Life.

Thank you.


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Smita said...


My Mom says that if you have to get up early and bang on time then before sleeping whisper to your pillow that wake me up at this time and it will wake you for sure

And trust me it works better than any alarm clock....

Grasshopper said...

I wrote on my facebook wall, Mission to rise early, and I have friend from Israel asking to get online with her in the mornings, like a pact to get up early.
SO I guess it might just work. How about the early morning ping, Nirali?
Actually, we should call each other and do the LOL meditation ;)

This pillow talk might work for you, it is programmed by your mum. My pillow will just invite me to snuggle up and sleep some more. Anyway, I will try. Thanks