Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meditate on your way to the office!

This is for the city dwellers, those who do not, cannot walk around bare foot, or otherwise.

Those who have to travel amidst pollution almost everyday and feel miserable about it.

Those who love moving their bodies for no reason. (For ex, my wiggling toes, thinking that they are typing.)

Please try this and let me know if you get it. I remember a very clear image. A bus. Me and a cousin, just into teenage. We were sitting on the last row of seats. The cousin smiling impishly, and moving his body along with the jerky movements of the bus. It somehow looked rhythmic, almost like a dance. He was also tonelessly humming along, which means his breath was also co-ordinated with the movements of the bus.

This, by the way, is the first step. Swamiji will take you higher, I assure you.


Rashi said...

Great wonderful. I am following your blog today onwards. Please keep posting more often. thanks, rashi

Grasshopper said...

Thanks for the commnet, Rashi. You want me to post more often? Yaar, I have to make a living too, na?
Why don't you go to my earlier posts if you have spiritual hunger?
I went to your blog, by the way.The Eiffel Tower looks nice, like a continuous Diwali cracker ;).