Monday, December 1, 2008

Utha dheere dheere,

I know I am becoming a professional bare footer these days, because I have started taking my eyes off from the road directly ahead. And noticed, in the evening sky, a hauntingly beautiful triangle these days, of two bright planets and the slim curve of the moon.

If only I could capture on my camera. Better still, lets just enjoy nature and let it go as we sleep.
If any of you guys have an ounce of romance left in your souls, do look west wards tomorrow evening, for these guys in a triangle up there do not twinkle.

I have no idea why the moon has so gone out of fashion. Maybe because there are too many lights all around our cities.

Here is a moonly song from Chori chori. It stars Raj Kapur, Nargis, and the moon.

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