Saturday, December 13, 2008

Silver and Carbon

I have decided, I am going to sell all my gold ornaments and buy silver ones. This is the silver decision.
And, I am going to burn all my rotis a little bit, and not scrape off the black from a toast ever again. This, yes, you guessed right, is the carbon decision.

All because I met a chemistry professor today who told me the benefits, and healing properties of silver and carbon in day today life.

She told me she makes carbon capsules which go a long way in helping gas problems on long distance flights. Carbon is very good for the stomach. And silver is good for skin problems. So she makes creams with silver powder and is doing research on different patients with skin problems. Till now, she has succeeded 100%, with 30 to 40 patients. She goes to hospitals in search of patients and doctors use her silver cream.

But she doesn't want to get into the messy business of mass producing and selling and all that. But just remember that silver and carbon are very friendly fellows so lets make friends with them.

In fact, I suddenly remembered the structure of carbon. It has four hands, so it is really very friendly.

This lady has taught chemistry for thirty five years, and is now retired, but she is not done yet.

I love such people. They are a perfect mix. They live life completely.

May I give her the PROXIMIDADE award, Smita?


prayas said...

thats why they put that silver on the kaju ki barfi and other mithai.

and ofcourse if we just ate our jewelery, it would be much better for all of us!

Banno said...

I've thought of the silver angle for years. But just never got around to doing it. But my gold stuff lies sadly neglected while all I wear is the 2 bits of silver I have everywhere.

Carbon, I'm not so sure about. Isn't it carcinogenic?

Smita said...

Of Course Ma'am

Grasshopper said...

Carbon that is burned off proteins like chicken, papad, etc is bad , but carbon off a toast or roti is supposed to be good, that's what the lady said. Worth doing a bit of research on, isn't it?
In fact, she showed us this bottle of carbon capsules that she bought from London, with the words Charcoal written on them. To show us that in London they are not ashamed to market something as simple as carbon. It dispels gas in the stomach.