Sunday, February 28, 2010

is my desire true or borrowed?

in QMP we talk about desires.
we have the energy to pursue our true desires
and most of our desires are borrowed.
from cinema, form novels, from the others.

spirituality, is all about finding the truth
that which shines always,
that which is intrinsic
that which cannot be run away from.

If I had a choice today,
to write a book or organize a QMP
what do you think I 'd do,
me who is QMP struck?

( QMP is short for Quantum Memory Programme. )

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GGGGrrrrreat ideas

'Ai, Can I have a cub?'

I am dumbfounded.

'No?' he helps me out.

I nod.

'Why, not?' he asks.

I still cant answer.

'Because the police will catch us?' he helps me again.

I nod.

'But I want a cub Ai. Why cant we keep a cub?'

'It will become a Lion and eat us all.' I offer.

'But I want only a cub. I don't want a Lion.'

'Even a cub has very sharp teeth, darling. If it nibbles your ear lovingly, your ear will come off!'

'You are lying! I want a cub! Ai! Can I have a cub?'

I try the oldest trick in the book. 'Ask Papa. He will get you a cub, I am sure of it. Just ask Papa! Go!'

'You also come!' he drags my chair to Papas room.

'Papa! I want a cub!'

'Whose cub? Tigers? Lions or a Cheetas?'

'I want a Tiger's cub!'

'Ok, done! Mama, go to Banerghata national park tomorrow and get a cub!'

Monday, February 22, 2010

who taught me this song?

tring tring...

'hello mom.'

'hi darling. You still teaching in that school? You haven't yet hopped?'

'No, I haven't yet hopped, although I was planning to. Today I was teaching them grammar and the word 'home' came up. I immediately started singing a song I haven't sung for the last twenty years. They loved it. So the grammar lesson turned into a singing lesson. How can I walk out of this job?

'Which song did you sing?'

'Home sweet home. You taught me this song when I was a kid. Remember?'

'Sing it?'

'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
its ever so humble there's no place like home.

home home sweet,

sweeeeet, home,

there's no place like home, there's no place like home.'

'It's a lovely song, but I never taught you this. I am hearing it for the first time.'

I felt a strange vibration up my spine when I heard her say that. Where did I learn this lovely song? How come I never sang it to my mother before?

What kind of Quantum Memory is awakening in me? :)

I searched and searched on you tube, all I could find that resembled the song I knew was this:

'Mid pleasures and palaces,
Tho' we may roam;
Be it ever so humble,
There's no place like home;
A charm from the skies
Seems to follow us there,
Which, seek through the world
Is ne'er met with elsewhere.
Home! Home! Sweet home!
There's no place like home!
Oh! there is no place like home!

if someone could please tell me

who taught me this song?

Study tips : QMP sample

In Tiruvannamalai, there is a temple that is the biggest in Asia. Inside the temple, are many Gods. One of them is Ardhanarishwara. Ardha - Nari + Ishwara. A fusion of the masculine and feminine energies.

What does this have to do with studies you might be wondering. In fact, if at all I must speak of a divine inspiration, it ought to be Saraswati Ma, right? With due apologies to Maa and her devotees, may I dare to suggest that we should, for the moment, look up to Ardhanarishwara as the study buddy.

Let me explain. Quantum Memory Programme is about awakening the innate intelligence within us. It is not about adding, it is about re-aligning.

All of us, and this is a scientifically proven fact, are half male and half female. We have a right brain that controls the left side of the body and the left brain that co-ordinates the right limbs. The right brain is the feminine, artistic aspect of our personalities, and the left brain the masculine, mathematical, logical aspect. Visualization is to do with the right brain and Verbalization is a left brain function. Most of our education is aimed at developing the left brain.

We are told, from a very young age, to write only with the right hand, to eat only with the right hand. The left hand is used for one job only, something that gets done in five minutes. Most of our education is oriented towards logic and reasoning. As a result, we become a society of left -brainers. Nothing is wrong in being left brained, but it is using only half of the total capacity we are born with. In fact, we don't even use the half completely.

Ardhanarishwara is someone who has realized his complete potential. He+she is creative as well as efficient. This story of devotion is not to be restricted to staring and yearning. If there is enough love, it translates into an energy that recreates and re-programs us.

And this is possible, whatever age you are. As with all our other programmes, Swami gives very practical solutions to every problem. QMP has techniques to balance the left and right brain. e.g.
  • All actions which we do with specific hands, should be interchanged. Holding the mouse, holding the knife, turning the keys, eating, combing hair, even writing, etc.
What makes these techniques work is the element of excitement that effortlessly brings in the SQ, the awareness factor. The main difference between most of the mind empowering courses that prevail and QMP lies not in these techniques, but in the meditations that follow them.

IQ results are based on processing speed, not on understanding. Without IQ Verbalization, EQ Visualization and SQ Awareness, we cannot study effectively. A complete, unfragmented brain equips us to work smart, not hard. We get time to play! ;) !

This is a QMP sample, a bite from the Quantum Memory Programme designed by Paramhamsa Nithyananda. We are offering two day QMP package to students above 13. This programme works equally well for corporates and colleges too. Do get back if interested.

Meanwhile, keep coming back here for more on QMP.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

lonely moments

I was making tea for myself,

when I suddenly realized,

I am boiling two cups of the water-milk mix.

Now I sit here with two steaming cups

and wait

for the guest to arrive......

Come soon, please.

Your tea is getting cold.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

evening hunger

I feel hungry in the evenings

I know now why

The hunger is not for food

It is for God

The day is almost over, and I haven't still met You...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being a butterfly...

I am posting this story because I liked its end.

Two days after John Farrington’s eleventh birthday, a migration of monarch butterflies landed on his house.
When John came out the front door that morning, the monarchs covered the side of his home like some living carpet, their orange wings folding and unfolding, so that the pattern never stayed the same from one moment to the next. Clusters of them decorated the porch railing, the lawn chairs, the family car, and patches of the side yard.
It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
John made not a sound, for fear of frightening the butterflies away. And though his hands fairly itched to catch one, he worried that if he tried, the whole flock would take wing. Barely daring to breathe, he walked a few feet from the house then sank gently to the ground, where he held as still as he could.
This sitting still was not easy for John. He was rambunctious by nature, and preferred running and shouting to being quiet. But in this case he was willing to make an exception.
His self-control was rewarded when one of the butterflies landed on the toe of his sneaker. It opened and closed its wings once, then began to walk up his leg.
More butterflies started in John’s direction, some simply turning so that they were facing him, others fluttering toward him in short hops. Three landed on his left shoulder. One, particularly bold, came feather soft to his hand.
John swallowed nervously, trying to fight down a moment of fear. What could be more harmless than a butterfly? Yet he sensed something uncanny moving about him, something unnatural — or at least not natural as he understood the word. And then…
The butterflies spoke to him, a thousand voices whispering in his mind as delicately as a wing brushing his cheek. What they said — not in words but quite clearly nevertheless — was Help!
Panic shivered down John’s spine, and it was all he could do to keep from leaping up and running away. Forcing himself to hold still, he closed his eyes and thought, How? Why?
More butterflies landed on his unmoving body, butterflies on his arms and legs, on his shoulders. Delicate creatures, fragile and… frightened. As they came to him, the image of a meadow, green and quiet, filled his mind.
We’ve lost the path, they whispered.
What path? thought John.
The butterfly road that we follow home. We have a green place near here where we stop to feed and rest. But we can’t find it. Once there was so much green. Where does it go?
John recognized the meadow, for he had often played there himself, until a construction company began turning it into a mini-mall last September. Without intending to, he formed an image of the meadow as it looked now.
Their despair washed over him like a wave.
What shall we do? That was the last haven we knew of on this part of the path. Where can we go now?
The question was asked by thousands of butterflies. Under it drifted the sad thoughts of others who simply sighed with a sense of doom. Above it, clear and strong, rose a single bright voice that said, Help us!
Fear and wonder fought for control of John’s soul. What can I do?
Is there another green place? Somewhere not too far away?
John remembered a day earlier that month when he had gone out to sell magazines for the school’s playground fund. He had ridden his bike too far and gotten lost. He’d seen a meadow then that might do, an island of green still untouched by bulldozers.
When he formed an image of it in his mind, the butterflies rustled with excitement and relief. Take us there!
Their answer came not in words, or pictures, or feelings, but something stronger. The butterflies surrounded John, brushing him with their wings, dropping their tiny scales on his eyes, his arms, his legs… his two legs, four legs, six legs.
Stretching the unexpected wings that arched from his sides, John took flight.
His heart nearly burst with the joy of gliding through the warm air. Floating on the caress of soft breezes while ten thousand of his kind, flickering bright, flashing orange and black, fluttered all about him, he felt not alone in a way he never had before.
Lead us to the meadow, pleaded the flock.
Flapping his delicate wings, John flew up and away from his home until he could see the road he needed to follow. He fluttered along the side of it, guiding the monarchs above the houses.
They journeyed through the morning, settling now on a hedge, now on a tree. Just a little farther, he kept promising. Just a little farther.
When at last they reached the meadow, the butterflies settled to its weedy wildness with a sense of joyous relief that lifted him as if it were a warm wind.
John spent the morning with the butterflies, crawling along slender green stems, unrolling his long tube of a tongue to sip sweet nectar, luxuriating in the feel of the sun on his wings.
Then, at noon, with the sun straight overhead, he suddenly realized he was in trouble.
Can you turn me back? he asked frantically. My mother is going to be furious with me for not telling her where I was going.
Stay, whispered the butterflies. Stay with us.
John felt the sun on his wings, wings that could lift him to the sky, carry him free and far, and he longed to remain a butterfly. But he thought of his parents, and how they would fear for him, would miss him.
He thought of how he would miss them.
I can’t, he told the butterflies sadly. I have to go home.
They gathered above him, and in a moment it was finished. Like a butterfly turning back to a caterpillar, he lost his wings and was a boy once more, blinking in the sunlight.
His feet were blistered by the time he got home, and he was indeed in trouble. But he didn’t really mind; he would trade a week of being grounded for a day with wings anytime.
John watched for the butterflies every spring after that, and every spring, for a while, they came.
Twice more they asked for his help.
Twice more he was ready, and became a butterfly, and led them to safety.
Then, the year John turned seventeen, the flock stopped coming. His heart ached with questions. Had he grown too old? Had they simply forgotten him?
Or had something worse happened?
Whatever the reason, it was the most painful time of John’s life. But he could never explain to his mother why he was so filled with despair, why he wept in his bed at night.
The next year John went to college, where he specialized in butterfly studies. Though his professors thought he was brilliant, he had a hard time in school — mostly because he could not bring himself to collect butterflies and pin them in display cases, as was expected of people in his profession. He preferred to study butterflies in the wild. In fact, the very sight of collections made him shudder.
Finally he was thrown out of the program.
He continued to work on his own.
Thirty years later it was John Farrington who persuaded the United States Congress to pass “The Butterfly Road” bill — a law setting aside a string of places to be kept forever wild and free so that the monarchs could make their yearly migration in peace. Most researchers agreed it was John Farrington’s law that saved the monarchs from extinction.
One day when John was a very old man, and his legs no longer worked, and he had not long left to live, the woman who cared for him pushed his wheelchair into the spring sunshine.
“Will you be all right there?” she asked, tucking a blanket around his legs. When John nodded, she returned to the house, leaving him to enjoy the warmth and the silence.
A few minutes after the nurse left, a cloud of butterflies settled around him. A thousand wings brushed his face, and the tiny scales fell all about him, fell on his eyes, his arms, his legs — his two legs, four legs, six legs…
His heart lifting with joy, John Farrington stretched his orange-and-black wings… and flew away forever.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Re-design your life!

Out of habit, sometimes people ask Swami to tell them what will happen to them in the future.

'Dont ask me to predict your life. Ask me to Re-design your life!'

A promise of a Paramhamsa.

Here is a lifetime opportunity.

After a gap of two years, Paramahamsa Nithyananda himself conducts..

Life Bliss Program level -2 or Nithyananda Spurana Program. A 4-day experiential meditation program.

Re-design your life!

Here is the link to an short intro on NSP.. Watch on.. Don't miss!

And this is the link to the post which I wrote after doing my first NSP, almost an year ago. Its titled, Days and nights with the master.

Come, spend four magical days in the Master's presence Take this life-altering step in your personal transformation.
Imbibe the intense energy field of the Ashram.

Dates: Friday 19 to Monday 22 February, 2010

More about the Nithyananda Spurana Program:

Transform your life into an eternal celebration!

Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP)

also known as Life Bliss Program Level 2

The revolutionary 7 step system

designed to cleanse your 7 energy sheaths

You exist in multiple dimensions. It is vital for you to explore each dimension in order to live a balanced life and grow spiritually.

You encounter challenges on a daily basis which affect your ‘being’ at three levels: the conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious. These challenges get stored in your bio-memory as engrams - deeply embedded memories - manifesting in chronic physical, mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Nithyananda Spurana Program? Created by Paramahamsa Nithyananda with deep insight, this 4-day transformational program is a powerful healing system incorporating 7 scientifically devised meditation techniques designed to restore life-sustaining energy to your 7 energy sheaths.

What are energy sheaths? Energy sheaths are metaphysical layers within you. Your energy sheaths are: the Physical, the Pranic, the Etheric, the Spiritual, the Causal, the Cosmic and the Nirvanic. You have been provided these energy sheaths in order to live this human existence.

Questions often asked

· Why am I dissatisfied with life despite material success?

· How can I strengthen my relationships?

· Is there more to me than my mind and my body?

· What is there for me beyond life and death?

· Can enlightenment possibly be within my reach?

In this program you will

· Get answers to all your burning questions on life, living and dying.

· Learn how to overcome your fears, your insecurities, your anxieties, your pain, your anguish.

· Be healed of all your emotional imbalances through compassionate guidance.

· Dispel your doubts: spiritual subjects and scientific data relating to them will be discussed.

· Understand primordial wisdom - Great Truths drawn from ancient scriptures of world faiths will be revealed to you

· Receive tools to sustain this new awareness in you

The results: These transformational techniques will bring about immense intellectual clarity within you. NSP is a gateway to a new life that is driven by natural intelligence and spontaneous enthusiasm. You will take a quantum leap spiritually. Your life will become a joyous celebration!

Says participant Sanjay Sharma, Singapore: NSP is an amazing program. My instant transformation after experiencing the Nithyananda Spurana Program was simply astounding. Tradition shows the path of spirituality and liberation to be fraught with great hardship, deprivation and stupendous effort. I am overwhelmed by the fact that my journey has progressed so rapidly and effortlessly ever since I first experienced the Master. I am yet to hear about or encounter such a generous, compassionate and loving Guru who continues to make the journey to enlightenment so incredibly joyous.”


Life has taken on a beautiful new meaning for thousands after experiencing the Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP). This is a heaven sent opportunity for you to experience it yourself!


Please inform all you know about this wonderful opportunity to be in the Master's energy field ... forward this circular ... call your family, friends and colleagues at work... go around and speak to people...

For more information, or to get in touch with the ashram, please call:

  • Ma Poornima: 99808 17235
  • Ma Nithya Ramani (Annapoorni): 99005 84132

For advanced registration, please call:

  • Ma Nithya Akila: 9880203654
You may confirm participation at the numbers above.

Friday, February 5, 2010

healing the educational trauma,

was what attracted me to attend a programme called QMP. Quantum memory programme. Quantum memory is the spontaneous memory that arises with the awakening of the Innate Intelligence, thereby making studies a celebration.

Surprisingly, although this course told us that the memory improving techniques were meant for eighth plus students, I have been trying them out on my class 4 and 5 kids and the kids are loving it. Yes, I know I am supposed to be an English teacher, but...

QMP is a one of a kind breakthrough approach to studies and education. It includes meditation, Yoga, I mean how far can these two be from Swami Nithyananda?

QMP also goes into the right and left brain imbalance caused by social conditioning (eat with right hand, and left hand is for that job only), and how all of us become left brainers because we hardly use our left hand.( The left brain controls the right hand, etc). The solution? Very simple. Start eating with left hand, writing with left hand. Use the left hand to comb your hair, to stir the sugar, to put the kumkum on the forehead.

Verbalization and Visualization are also two aspects of right and left brain potentialities. Both can co-exist. IQ, EQ and SQ can and should, all live together happily.

(The other day, one boy I was giving healing to had something on his t-shirt that made me giggle: My IQ test came back, negative.)

How come some students score well and others just don't? Knowingly or unknowingly, the toppers are using some tricks to memorize, to internalize. One of them is being aware in class. Concentration is not the same as Awareness. Interest in the subject is what spurs the quantum leap into information going straight into the permanent memory tank.

Interest is nothing but a heightened sense of awareness. Causeless excitement. I have never ever imagined, in my wildest fantasies, that excitement and studies can go together. That I can study with my whole body. That I can be alive in each cell, because thats where our Intelligence is. I learn t how to study.

Some of us have had a tough time with certain subjects. In fact, I have had a tough time with school itself.

'Healing the educational trauma' was one meditation in the programme where we forgive all our teachers, parents and relatives for forcing us to go to a prison for children called the school.

I am not exaggerating. Watch how kids burst out of classrooms as soon as the bell rings. Civilization is all about taming the wild instincts of men. 'Dont run! Dont shout! Dont talk!'

Strictness about the uniform is one thing I still cant stand. 'Why have you applied henna? It is against the rules. Your shoes are not white enough.'

All these and more facts make studies a burden. This meditation separates the two associations and really, my childhood changed its hues and shades.

On my way back from QMP, I asked the teacher if he used the techniques on his son.
'My boy is quite unclutched from his studies, so I don't bother him. The day he asks me how to memorize, I will tell him. Till then, let him be.'

And boy, this was such a releif to me. I used to worry that Pavan does not answer my 'what did you learn in school today ?' question because he does not pay attention in class. Not so. In fact, it is a very positive, very blissfull attitude. As Swami would say, he is uncluched. Let him be. Let him play. Let him be blissfull.'

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is a star a rock?

Tring tring!

'Hello Papa. How are you?'

(I call my hubby Papa, after the Indian tradition :) )

'I need a singing teacher. ASAP!' he says, from Delhi.

'For whom?' I ask.

'For me. I want to learn to sing. Properly. Find me a teacher. Someone who can teach me Indian Classical Music. I don't want to learn South Indian singing. I want Hindustani Classical Music teacher.'

'Ok, ok, I will find someone. I am happy you want to do something other than work. This is indeed an auspicious sign. May I ask why, suddenly?'

'Because I want to become a rock star!'

Edited to add: I got permission to reveal this on the blog because I assured him that this way we will surely find the singing teacher. So if anyone has heard a harmonium around Sanjay Nagar, or somewhere in Bangalore, please tell. Fast. A rock is to become a Star!


How tempted I am to write that I took this picture. The deeper truth beneath the lie would be that I would love to have the courage to hold a camera when a cobra is worshiping the lingam.

This post is a salaam to the cobra who had the courage to continue its love affair in spite of a camera. This can happen only in India. :)

(Click on the picture and then increase your viwing size to see the snakes hood clearly.)

Below is the story:

Miracle on January 15, 2010 – Solar Eclipse day:

This Naga Serpent has been regularly visiting the Siva Idol for the last three Sooriya Grahanams. (Solar eclipses). The priest and some locals had arranged for a photographer a few months back during Sooriya Grahanam. In fact, they had kept milk offering also for the Naga. But the snake did not appear on the day. On this particular Grahanam day when the priest opened the Sanctum Sanctorum he saw the snake on the top of the Siva Linga idol. He immediately called Mr. Thenappan the photographer who lives in Thrunagesvaram a kilo meter from this village. Meantime a dozen or more people including my house caretaker had assembled to witness this miracle. In front of their eyes the Naga went back to the "Vilwa tree" plucked the leaves and came back all the way to drop it on the Siva Linga. All these have been photographed by Mr. Thenappan.

It may be pertinent to note that many of the residents of this Agaraharm are named Nagarajan or Nagalingam for a few generations as I know. In fact my original / Sarman is Nagarajan because of this tradition. Interestingly, the ruling deity of
the temple in Thirunagesvaram (Raghu Sthalam - 1 Km from this village) is named Naganatha Swamy and that temple has a separate big Raghu Sanadhi with His two Consorts. Perhaps there is a divine link between all these facts and

Monday, February 1, 2010


After QMP, I have ventured to teach Maths to my kid.

'How much is the bill, Pavan?'

'Rs 110.'

'110? How? Whats the breakup?'

'Rs, 57 for the sandwich and Rs 41 for the coffee.'

'57 + 41 = 110?'

'No. Total is 98! They are charging 12 bucks extra! This is cheating! Shall I go and tell them?'

'No, darling. The 12 bucks is for Tax.'

'What is Tax?'

As usual, I am at a loss for words. As usual, he helps me out.

'Oh, I know! Tax is the sauce!'