Friday, June 20, 2014

Online Creative Writing Workshop from 29th June' 14

Four sessions. 
Four hours/session. Four Sundays, 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Google Hangouts. Fees: Rs 4,600

Our workshop is from June 29 to July 20.  mail to join / enquire  or call +91 98254 76446.

Day 1
Break the writer’s block:  A seemingly light but deeply introspective exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Our personal themes and directions are mapped.

Day 2:
Structure of the story: Understanding the conflict-resolution structure from popular mythology and analysing how it travels into present day cinema and literature. Our own structures are formed.

Day 3:
Navrasas: To make our structures flow, we dip into the writers treasure box and base of all literature: the navrasas. The first draft of our story emerges.

Day 4:
The final touch: Fleshing out the stories , working with characters and dialogues, in the short story format or as a script outline. We also practice reading aloud effectively.

Community & conversations
Learn alongside people who are aspiring to develop their voices and sharpen their imagination. Converse over informal sessions or connect over our web interface.  Introspections are often smoothened out by group energies, thereby facilitating understanding. Friendships which emerge in this process often lead to long-term collaboration and support. These are as valuable for a young creative practitioner as talent and skill.

Creative sparks & fulfilment
Where do stories start? How do creative journeys begin? The life of the dream-merchant is not just to begin but to continue constantly with energy and passion. We help students with feedback and triggers that help you question yourself and move forward in your struggle.
Fulfilment is a natural by-product of creative practice. The subtle balance between self confidence and humility sweetens the fruit of the experience.

Discovery & nurturing
Who are you? Are you an amalgamation of your ancestors ? Or is there something else that dropped down from the stars when you were born? It is this ‘something else’ that we will look for. An inner discovery can be a powerful motivator to walk the path. And when a toddler takes her first steps, all she needs is a ‘proud to see her walk’ parent, rather than a critic who judges and compares her to a professional walker.

We have maximum nine seats in this batch, so register asap.Call +91 98254 76446 or mail

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