Monday, June 18, 2012

Acting Workshop in Mumbai by Jyoti Dogra

Explorations  through  the  self
A workshop for actors conducted by Jyoti Dogra

Jyoti is conducting a workshop, sharing theatre techniques and processes she has been working with for the past few years that have deepened and changed her understanding of what the work of the actor involves and the creative act at large.
The workshop will explore techniques that encourage you to create an inner dialogue with your self, opening up intuitive ways of reacting and receiving, moving away from learnt/taught ways of emoting and acting.
Through precise physical techniques you will be encouraged to access body memory (memories stored in the body that in day-to-day life are ignited unconsciously by a smell, a taste, a place, or a touch). Accessing body memory will allow you to make contact with the rich and vast store of personal stories and images hidden in your subconscious, and then we find ways to translate these impulses into physical and vocal actions.
The techniques explored will allow you to investigate and understand your very individual and specific way of expressing, and help you to form a stronger connect between ‘you the performer’ and ‘you the person’........ and how best to bring this connect into your acting work. This connect also allows you to inhabit a stronger presence, both in the body and in space.
While the approach of the work is physical in nature, the focus of the work is not body movement or flexibility. The focus lies in each participant accessing his or her individual inner resource which opens the self to a flow of images and associations which keep appearing, disappearing and changing. Our response and shaping of these lost memories, images and forgotten moments will become the material for each individual  participant to create their own performance work.

Dates: The workshop will be spread over five days
            Day 1: Sat 7th July (11am to 4pm)
Day 2: Sun, 8th July (11am to 4pm)
Day 3: Wed 11th July (5pm to 10 pm)
Day 4: Sat 14 July (11am to 4pm)
Day 5: Sun, 15th July (11am to 4pm)

Venue:  803, 8th floor, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Bhavans College campus, Andheri West.  
Fees: 5500/-

Workshop conducted by Jyoti Dogra.
For Registration and enquiries please call 9819488971 or email:
Jyoti is a Mumbai-based actor who has been working in film, television and theatre. In the past few years her theatre practice has moved increasingly towards making devised pieces which are not script-based, but use the self as a starting point. Jyoti has been training and working with techniques and acting processes which originally belong in the tradition of Grotowski's Laboratory     Theatre. Khalid Tyabji and Jola Cynkutis have been guiding her through work sessions, in interpreting, applying and understanding these techniques and processes.
She has recently been awarded a research residency grant by Prohelvetia to continue her research on voice and sound in Zurich. In 2011, Jyoti collaborated with Berlin-based video artist Bernd Luetzeler on a multimedia theatre piece called "K0" (K to the power of zero) based on Kafka’s writings. Between 2007-2010, she devised, directed and performed a solo performance piece called “The Doorway”. The work was a result of working with techniques and acting tools inspired in the Grotowski tradition, and was performed across India. The work received much critical acclaim. 
She has worked as an actor-teacher with the National School of Drama’s Theatre In Education Company. Some of the eminent theatre directors she has worked with are B. Prassanna, B.V. Karanth, Maya Rao, Barry John, Kanhai Lal, and Rehaan Engineer.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Art and Craft of Screenplay Writing in Bangalore

Learn the Art and Craft of Screenplay writing in Bangalore over four Fridays, starting 22nd June' 12.

Course Content : 

  • 1. Format of scriptwriting.

  • 2. Structuring a screenplay : Plot points to Scene transitions.

  • 3. Characterization and Dialogues.

  • 4. Project : Writing a screenplay of a ten minute fiction film.  

Please note : Home work assignments would be checked on email.

Schedule : Class timings would be 11 am to 4 pm on Fridays, starting 22nd June'12,  in North Bangalore.

Contact : Call Manjushree at 9945192862 to register for the course. You can also mail her at

Fees : Rs. 7700 / -

Certificates will be given on submission of the project work.

Teacher's Profile : 

 Manushree Abhinav has authored a novel, ‘A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage’.

 She is a film maker. She has studied at FTII, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. She has made several documentary films, and taught various aspects of film making like scriptwriting, making documentary films, video editing, at FTII, NID (National Institute of Design), Ahemedabad, Srishti School of Art and Design, Bangalore. 

She has also conducted several creative writing workshops at the Times of India Nalanda group, Bangalore, Ahemedabad and Mumbai. This is the third batch of film making workshops she is conducting in Bangalore.

 She blogs at You can watch her films and read part of her book at