Monday, November 3, 2008

weekend wash

I have always enjoyed washing clothes. Specially white bedsheets, and thick towels. In the Institute they used to call me a dhoban, because I made such a splish splash about washing my linen. Water is such a lovely and sensuous playmate.And the highest water experience was standing chest deep in the strong flow of the Narmada. If there wasn't the fear of being drowned, I might have left my mother's hand and gone for a toss.

But why am I talking about water as a lover?

Because I feel very clean today. Like a car taken to the garage for servicing feels after the strong shower. No, that's not correct. A car is washed only from outside.

I feel cleaned from inside.

Spirituality is a physical thing. It is an apple. It has to be bitten into, to get the juice.

Ok, I just attended a two days meditation course at Nithyananda Meditation center. It's called ASP, short for Ananda Spurna Programme. We were given a notepad and I scribbled everything I could. But today I am too clean to open the pad. SO I will just give you some tag words, if you ask I will go into details.
Chakras, why some chakras don't work, which attitude will make them spin, seven meditation techniques for all seven chakras to balance, mahamantra, humming, stretching, spot walking to spot jumping (this one was incredible), making friends with darkness, gibberish, TPS - thoughts per second, etc.

We were twenty of us, and the teacher was a beautiful man who talked non-stop for two days and neither of us got tired. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can go into the basics with a fresh, crystal clarity.

Here is an excerpt : Anaahat chakra, everyone knows, is near the heart. And Heart is synonymous with love. In all languages. Unconditional love expands this chakra. And what is the opposite of that? Its attention seeking. When attention is equated to love, (something I do all the time with hubby), the heart chakra diminishes.

When a person feels a lack of attention, which she interprets as lack of love, over-eating can happen, to fill the vacuum. So attention sucking is what blocks the anaahat chakra.

Another Excerpt:

Ajna chakra, between the eyebrows, is the seat of the ego.There are three kinds of egos's
1.that which is born out of wealth
2.that which is based on intelligence, logic
3.the spiritual ego.

Money ego is easily dissolved, for money is the most ephemeral.
smart ego is much harder to bend.
and the holier than thou will never take the dip.

And so, it is the perfectionist who blocks her ajna chakra by doing everything right.
And the sloppy ones get away scot free.

Blessed , therefore, are the meek, the dirty, the stupid, the flexible, the idiots, the infidels, the happy-go-lucky, .....

But what is so delightful is the lightness of being, the clean and soft and supple breath that makes me feel like a new body and a new mind.


Princess said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, i really loved it at fullest :) keep them coming !


Unknown said...

blocked or unblocked.
life waits to flow out of human beigns.
who regulates it?