Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Einstein's smart parrot

Whenever I would attend a discourse, I would always have a missionary zeal to share it with the Geek hubby. Unfortunately, all he could understand were the jokes. So I would quickly make notes of the jokes, my pen shaking with laughter.

Once upon a time, Einstein was on his way to give a lecture to an audience who had never seen him, or his photo. It is only now that all of us have seen his unkempt hairstyle photo. And, being the intelligent fellow that he was, Einstein was rather tired of having to repeat everything add infinitum.

He was cribbing to his driver that he was too tired to talk, when his driver offered to take his place.
'I have heard you countless times, I know it all by heart. Let me give the talk.'
'Ok', said Einstein.

So the driver got all dressed up, ruffled his hair, and went on stage. And he gave a wonderful talk, just like Einstein.

After the talk was over, someone asked a question.

'Oh, this is such a simple question, even my driver can answer it. Hey, driver! Answer the questions!'

Swamiji talks here of how to become an Avataar. But we cant copy him, cos we wouldn't know how to answer questions.

Stretch yourself as long as you can in your mind and iron out the yards of crumpled material in all directions.


Nino's Mum said...

beautiful annecdote.

Rajashree said...


Majha god, god pillu!

I can say if I'm conducting a creative writing course, this is such a simple question, even my sister can answer it. Call her on skype.

Love you, chhonu dunkush!