Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And I am now a teacher

Film maker to novelist to school teacher. Each jump has been quite exiting, I must admit. Creatively exhaustive.

I used to say that I was the happiest when I wrote the novel. But when I stand in a class and look at the fresh and alive stream of naughty kids, sometimes I feel on top of the world. Sometimes teaching happens in a flow so gushing, all I can feel is grateful.

Teaching children is a calling. I am so so glad I answered the call.

That I didn't wait for the elusive next birth before I simplified my life. :) Smarter than Einstein, aren't I?

Here is a sample of what happens in my class.

The lesson in the English text book (class 5), is, 'A flash of light.'

A frenchman, on a cold night, offers some money to a blind beggar. The beggar tells him that he has given him a frank instead of a sou. The man is astonished that a blind man can tell the difference so quickly and the flash of light spurs the birth of Braille.

Student: Can we also learn braille?

Teacher: Well, it is possible, but it will take you longer than those who are blind.

Student: Why Miss?

Teacher: Because, their sense of touch is more developed.

Student: Why Miss?

Teacher: ............................................(after a long pause).........

Home work: Blind fold yourselves under supervision and walk around in your house for ten minutes and write the experience.

Next day:

Student 1 : I stepped on my brothers feet and he hit me.

Teacher writes on the board: Difficulties with siblings

Student 2: My mother was worried that I might fall.

Board: Anxious parents

Student 3: Miss, I did not blindfold myself totally. I cheated a bit. I was scared.

Board: Fear

Student 4 : Miss, I walked around a bit, using my hands to guide me.

Board: Hands become eyes.


Banno said...

Those kids are goddamn lucky to have you as a teacher. Wish you were my teacher. Maybe you are. :)

Manjushree Abhinav said...

Banno, darling,

We all learn from each other blah blah...thanks for the comment. Made my day. :)

Anonymous said...

You are one of those teachers for whom students wait, eager for the class to begin, when they can actually delightfully exercise their grey cells, when learning is not a burden. Teaching can be fun I guess if one is open-minded, you come across as a very open-minded teacher :-)

best wishes,

jun said...

very very cool!