Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Writer Mentor-ship

So you are stuck with a book. Or, you want to get stuck in a book? Read on..

You have had it with the living. You want to play in your head. Thats what your mom says, and she ain't no artist. What you want to do is to unload yourself into book.

These days I am guiding two of my creative writing workshop participants to write books. One is untitled, a mystery on the net. Other is a non-fiction, working titled 'Stories of Homeopathy'.

We meet online on skype, thrash out structures, twist the characters, stretch the creative licence to the horizon, make notes to be stuffed into chapters, and end the session with a truckload of work for the writers. I am trying to get them to 'read' their unwritten books out to me but that hasn't happened so far. I guess the muse takes its own sweet time to land on a head.

So if you are looking for a sounding board, contact me.

I invite all struggling writers to lay bare their woes.

I will listen, but you will write.

I will clear your mind off the cobwebs, but you will write.

Be very clear, I do not ghost write.

I can send you the ghost, but you will write.

Write to manjushree.abhinav@gmail.com with a synopsis of 300 words.


Vikram Madan said...

One year back I was thinking of converting my blog into a book. But not sure really. Do you think its possible to turn a blog into a book. Most of my blog entries have music videos in them, music carefully selected to drive home a point.

Banno said...

Sounds good, grasshopper. Are you charging? I hope so.

Manjushree Abhinav said...

I have three suggestions for you, vikram:
1. compile an e book, with the links to the music and your art work, intact.
2. Compile a book with a cd.
3. Forget the music, for there is a music one hears while reading a book, isn't there?

Rajashree said...

That's scary, man - I will send you the ghost, but you will write! :)

It's a great idea, Chukrush! All the best for it!

Sims said...

It's my dream to write a Novel of my own after reading all these novels from most of the authors worldwide. I haven't thought of any topic yet but I'll definitely want to. Your mail 'Online Writer Mentor-ship' reached at the right time and I would require mentoring here.

So, how would I go about accomplishing my dream?

Manjushree Abhinav said...

Yes, Banno. I charge Rs. 750 per hour.

Sims, send me a mail with your ideas. I will get back to you asap.