Sunday, September 9, 2018

Script-Writing workshop in Ahmedabad, Sept' 2018

The Script Writing Course is divided into two parts, the Story and the Screenplay. All students will write their own short story and adapt it into a screenplay. 

 Aim – The secret behind a good film is a well told story. All of us have many stories in our cupboard, but we don't know how to tell them. In this section, we learn the art and the craft of writing a complete short story, which we will later transform into a script.
Day 1 : Finding your own voice / Ras. The Navrasas, our immense wealth.
Day 2 : An exercise to deal with the writers block. Start your own story.
Day 3 : Structure of a story : Conflict and Resolution. Developing your story.
Day 4 : Making it flow : Transitions, both poetic and visual.
 Aim – In the professional world of films, the audio visual format of the screenplay is the only way to 'show' your story. Your script will not be read unless it is written in the correct format. The final stage of the process is a storyboard, basically illustrations of all the shots such that the images and camera angles are clearly visualised. If you can master the art of the storyboard, your script is ready to be shot.

Day 5  : Format of the American Screenplay. Scene Construction.
Day 6 : Theme, Story and Plot. Integrating these in your script.
Day 7: Characterisation, Dialogues and Transitions.
Day 8 : Writing a complete five page script.
Day 9 : Going back to telling. Write a one-line script, and practice the pitch talk.
 You will be given links to free scriptwriting softwares, scripts to read up, and some films which I would like you to watch before and during the sessions. These sessions will be evenly spaced out, once a week, so that the student has enough time to finish his assignments.
The classes will be referring to popular Indian films like Sholay, Deewar, Dil Chahta hai, Pinjar, Satya, 3 idiots, Piku, Bajrangi Bhaijan, and American films like Kill Bill, American Beauty, Little Miss Sunshine, etc. So please watch most of these films if you have not seen them, before the course begins.
Fees : The fees for these ( nine/ ten sessions of two hrs each)  sessions is Rs 12,500/- If you need support for writing a longer script, we can discuss the amount. Women can avail a ten percent discount. 
Faculty : Manjushree Abhinav

The main faculty for this course is Manjushree Abhinav, a novelist and film maker. She has taught at NID, FTII, SRISHTI, CEPT, Anant University, and Storygram. 

Venue :  C2 - 124, Orchid Harmony, Applewoods Township, Ahmedabad. If the student finds it difficult to commute to this location, the online option can be made available.

Contact : Manjushree 9825476446, or mail

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