Thursday, October 2, 2008

an advaitin's poetry

A man called Sukabrahman called on King Janaka for spiritual advice.

'I am a seeker of truth,' he said. ' What can you tell me?'

'What did you see when you were coming here?' Janaka asked him.

'I saw houses made of sugar.'  answered Sukabrahman.
'I saw streets made of sugar. I saw trees and flowers made of sugar.
I saw animals made of sugar. I saw your palace and it was made of sugar.
Everything I saw is made of sugar.
As I stand here, I can see that you are made of sugar and I am also made of suger.'

Janaka laughed and said,
'You are a ripe soul. You don't need no spiritual instruction. You already are a jnani.'

(From Annamalai Swami's Final Talks, Edited by David Godman)

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Rajashree said...

Tar mee tula bina chavtach khaaoon takin!