Friday, October 10, 2008

Now I can die in peace

U G Krishnamurthy said, the purpose of human life is to create another  like yourself.

'Ai, come outside.'

'Later, kiddo, I am busy.'

'I am making the Mountain, Ai. Come and see no. I am making Arunachala.'

I rush outside to see what he is up to.

And yes, he has gathered the wet mud in the yard to look like the mountain. We take some pics, though it is too dark and I don't have a flash. Pavan gets a torch, and an orange cloth for a background and we click some more.

'Ai, you will put this on your blog?' he asks.

'Yup, if it is nice enough. Did you say blog?' He is growing up too fast.


'Oh. What is the name of my blog?'

'Mountain find me.'


'Mountain found me.'

'Thats it.'  


Banno said...

What a happy, proud moment for you, no?

JOY said...

one reality of life
all human forms evolve
children they evolve from where we are growing
so there will be one day
it will be difficult for you to understand him too.
life is a series of discoveries where all human forms they keep on discovering and we find that though reality is always eteranl and unchanging yet life is always changing and metamorphosing.

Irene said...

Kids can be so full of wonderful surprises :-)