Wednesday, October 15, 2008

when a puppy dies

I was coming home on my scooter and I saw a little brown pup hit by a bus, in the middle of the road. It was going round and round in circles, and it looked like it might get hit again. I stopped the scooter, parked it and by the time I reached the pup, it was bleeding from the mouth, still going round and round on its front legs, making a circle with the blood.
I sat in the middle of the busy road, knowing I wont get run over, and put my hands on her body. She stopped the frantic moving, and breathed out more blood on my hands.
Meanwhile a bus had stopped right in front of me. I refused to budge.
When the pup stopped breathing, I picked her up and put her body on the side of the road. A woman got a glass of water and tried to put some water in her mouth, but I knew it was too late. A silent crowd had gathered. I washed my hands and left the scene.

Little pup, did I help you die?


Banno said...

You are amazing. I could never have done that.

SUR NOTES said...

beautifully written.

and yes, thank god for gestures like these from people like you.

Nirali said...

That made my eyes wet, my dear friend.
You helped the puppy Die and somewhere you also helped me Live - in a world where one might sometimes feel drawn away from hope and love.

JOY said...

living life , and living life on our own convictions that makes us more original. i am really happy you were yourself. as life gives us options constantly wherein we can get better and better and ultimately selfless.
this is power of human life THE CAPACITY TO GIVE.
The power in we humans the mortals is greater than god, THE GODS WELCOME THE DEPARTING SOULS FROM MOTHER EARTH, WE MORTALS CAN LOVE GIVE LOVE TO THE LIVING , NONLIVING , DEAD. It is the love which makes us human. It is the love for life whihc makes us compassionate.

Anonymous said...

A puppy died today after we rescued him on a busy road, we thought that we may know where his mother would be as there are many similar ones on our road, this was not too far from us, in the car we tried to feed him, he looked lost and confused, so we came back home asked a few people around, looked into ditches and took him to other dog parents, they sniffed him he also sniffed them, but, it seemed that they were not family.

While this was going on, the puppy tried to jump on the road a few times, my bother jumped on the road to bring him back, finally at one point the puppy went and this time, he got run over by a huge tata safari!! my bother almost jumped this time but i dragged him otherwise possibly the jeep would have run him over.

we got in a state of shock, my bother was crying uncontrollably ... my father brought the doggy back on the pavement after which he died after a few moments, we are really heartbroken and my bother keeps saying that we could not save him, we were leaving the country the very next day so i dont really know what else could be done.

I feel tremendous pain and despite trying we could not find his family and why he kept running to the road.. :O(

Sorry little puppy, we wish you a happy new life if there is reincarnation and are truly sorry :O(

Miss you and God bless you