Thursday, October 2, 2008

From bombing to talking to listening

A few days back, I had posted a response to the Delhi blasts. This morning, the newspaper article, 'Terrorists are victims who create more victims', in TOI, Thich Nhat Hanh said the same thing. Talk to them. Listen to them.

How should the State deal with terror?

His answer:

''We should invite those who believe they are victims of discrimination and injustice to speak about it.

We should initiate sessions of deep listening and invite deeply spiritual people, who don't have to be famous, to attend these.

We must televise these sessions nationally.

I am sure you will see a dramatic drop in the level of violence. A war on terror cannot succeed,
because you cannot bomb perceptions.

The only solution is dialogue.''

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen master, who has rebuilt bombed villages, set up schools and medical centers, resettled homeless families and for a lifetime advocated tirelessly the principles of non-violence and compassionate action.

"The only antidote for anger and violence is compassion. Terrorists are also victims, who create other victims of misunderstanding."

If any of you are working in a Television channel, do consider this idea. In a country like ours, this kind of a program me is sure to hook the viewers.


JOY said...

ya very true
the dialogue is the solution.

Banno said...

Yes, I read this in the morning too. For once, I started my day on a good note. Otherwise, I slowly slip into anxiety by the time I finish reading the paper. I really wish the media can follow up on this article, and not just keep it to Oct 2 celebrations.