Saturday, October 25, 2008


Maybe because his name was Pavan.

The young man from Bihar who got killed in the recent violence perpetuated by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sainiks in Mumbai. It seems he had come to give an entrance test.

I am reminded of a poem written by my sister, Rajashree.


A Muslim is a fanatic, always on the offensive,

A Sardar is a fool, and a militant one at that,

A Hindu is a cunning bigot, scheming to squash out all other religions,

Images I can see, each time instead of seeing a man,

Images I must see, each time I have a knife in my hand.

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Henri said...

Should I say "Bravo!" Or should I nod my head in shame? But I wonder if I am different from others? Or am I just the same? Do I judge without reason and do I point fingers sans a cause? Am I accusing others, trying to drown my flaws?