Friday, October 17, 2008

Karvaa Chauth and the nosy neighbour

Last night we fought, hubby and I. Nothing special, just a bi-monthly ritual. In between the shouting match, his phone rang.

He handed his cell to me.
'It's Dadi,' he said. My grand-mother-in-law.

'Namaste Beta, Sadaa suhagan raho, khush raho. Tomorrow is Karvaa chauth, don't forget to fast...'

The humour of the situation wasnt lost on me. But I was too mad and the fight continued after the call.

'Why should I fast? I will eat double!' I said to hubby.

'Fine. I will also eat.' he replied.

'Don't think I am going to cook for you.'

Cut to :

An hour ago, I was sitting on my doorstep, reading a book when the neighbour walked past.

'Had your lunch?' she asked, as she always does.

'No. I am fasting. Karvaa Chauth.' I told her glumly.

'Really? And bhai? He must have eaten no?' Why was she looking so thrilled?

'No, we fast together. We will eat only after seeing the moon in the sky.'

'Really? How sweet. Very nice.' Did she stiffle a giggle or did I imagine it?

'Ok, bye,' she sang and rushed off, probably to squeal.

Next time we fight, I will make sure I shut all the windows tight.

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