Saturday, August 11, 2007

Effect of Cinema on child.

My child is skipping away, from one room to another.

Left arm in a sling, holding a green lump of clay, he asks me,
"Can i give this clay to my friend?"

"Why don't you ask papa?"

"Because i am asking you, no"

"Ok. why do you want to give the clay to your friend?"

"She likes it."

"I see. And you don't like it?"

"But I want to give it to her." he insists.

"Ok, then. Give it to her."
And he skips away, out of the flat, to the neighbors door, to give his friend the lump of clay.

Why is he skipping so much? Because he has been a patient all day. Ever since he fell in school and hurt his arm a couple of days back, the doc has had his arm wrapped up in a crepe bandage and banned him from adventure sports. Since the last two days, my little boy hasn't cycled, skated, or played football.

Maybe I shouldn't have shown him Harry Potter all weekend. Every time a friend of his knocked the door, asking him to come out and play, we would get that friend to come in and watch Potter. And, each time, they would start from the beginning, when Harry was a baby, flying down on a motorcycle!

So I shouldn't be surprised that Tukru, my kid, has discovered the one thing he hasn't been banned from: Skipping around the house!

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Akshay Surve said...

I hav heard you say it so many times and each time I felt like asking u wat did u say...? What did u call him? Now I knw u said, "Tukru."

How sweeet...!

- Akky