Thursday, August 16, 2007

A guru runs a road side tea shop.

How unfair life is, I moan, as I sit facing the dual monitors of the Final Cut Pro Editing computer. Why should I, a computer illiterate, have to sit here all alone, and try to figure out why the goddamn sound and picture don't get printed together?

I have tried everything my computer angel (that is how a computer illiterate sees a computer expert) asked me to do. But how many times can I call her?

So what if I have a deadline, theres no problem big enough that cannot be run away from. I switch the comp off, the camcorder off, leave the AC on, and get the hell out of there.

As I walk out of the building, the escapist-guilt is washed off by the sunshine. I sit on the dirty bench of the road side tea shop and order a cup. The young boy is singing as he stirs the boiling tea.

I ask for a Bun-butter, with less butter.

He continues singing, does not even acknowledge my request. Just as I am about to repeat myself, he reaches for the butter.

"Easy on the butter," I say, and he continues singing. And Buttering.

"Easy on the butter!" I shout.

"Yes, Maam!" he laughs gaily and brings me the tea and bun-butter, and makes an exaggerated effort to clean the bench.

The bun is loaded with butter, the tea is too sweet.

But it has the ingredient Sophia Loren recommended. Its made with love. Love can melt calories, I am sure Deepak Chopra will agree.

Ten minutes later, I switch on the FCP and attack. My mind is clear and the head is held high. I spot the bug and marry the sound and visual!

"I heard you had a problem with the system today?" A colleague peeps in and asks.

"Nothing major. The comp just wanted a cup of tea." I reply.

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abhilash warrier said...

Ellaa sulaimani ulum korech muhabbat venum.

Every sulaimani needs a bit of love.