Monday, October 12, 2009

Who is a genius

A genius is a person who escapes the societal training, of creating a strong logic.

Only then can the deeper logic of the genius penetrate the zones, the spaces in you, because your inner space will be open.

The so-called logical people feel that emotional people who can trust easily are fools. What they don't understand, is that to question, to doubt, you don't need intelligence. Any fool can do it.

Only to trust, to open up, to relax, you need intelligence. Very rarely, only intelligent people can relax. These rare people, for them, living, and leaving, are both so graceful.

For those who are caught in logic, living and leaving, both are hell.

Although I am really enjoying this process of transcribing Swami Nithyanandas talk, I think I better stop. Better hear it directly from the master:

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